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What Your Handwriting Says About The Way You Fall In Love


While a person’s handwriting can reveal a lot about their personality, it can also say a lot about the person’s love style and it can provide answers to all their relationship problems.

Below is a handwriting guide that will help you to find out all about your love life and why it is that way.


Dominant people’s handwriting is characterized by crossing the ‘T’ with descending slant on the right and ending bluntly.

A dominant person likes to be in control every time. They are the ones that usually take charge of the relationship and making their partners do whatever they want is very easy for them and it comes naturally.

Because of their dominant behavior, they often attract submissive partners.

The trouble comes when they get bored in the relationship with a partner who doesn’t challenge them. That’s why their relationships tend to last relatively short.


This is a handwriting of probably every man I dated in my 20s. It is demonstrated by a constant slant on the left.

People with leftward slant’s handwriting are introverts. They rarely express their feelings and they feel best when they are alone or with a carefully chosen company of few friends.

When they are in love, they are unlikely to utter the words “I love you,” and to show any emotion whatsoever. They tend to make decisions based on logic, using their head not their heart.


Aggressiveness in people can be shown in their handwriting as well. Aggressive people write right-pointing hard upstrokes that take the place of the lower loop on the J. Y, etc.

These people are aggressive when it comes to relationships also. They are forcing themselves and their partner into a relationship or pushing their partner away, either by being too clingy and intense that they scare their partner off or by rejecting them candidly on purpose.

They like rough sex and they often need it.


When all the lower loops of G’s, Y’s, or J’s are the same in a person’s handwriting, they are more likely to be anti-social.

They experience difficulties letting someone new into their life because they have deeply integrated trust issues. They are afraid that they are going to be emotionally hurt which is often a result of unresolved past traumas and pain.

Even though the experienced hurt and the pain can vary from person to person, the lack of trust and their fear of intimacy are always present in their lives.


Dual personalities are revealed by the obvious variation of the slant from right to left in the same sentence or even in the same word.

The person having this handwriting probably has difficulty getting into a relationship because their heart and their head are not collaborating. They are either intellectualizing and repressing their feelings or are acting impulsively following their gut and ignoring their rationale.

Their personality makes it hard for them to find someone they can settle with. Best is to find a partner who can understand them and find the perfect balance between giving them the space they need and communicating with them and loving them.


A handwriting that resembles every teacher’s note you got in middle school, without any decorations, reveals a person who is emotionally and socially immature but is very adventurous, spontaneous, and fun.

They are likely to rush quickly into relationships and get mesmerized by their new object of love and attention. They are not seeing their partner for who they are really, rather they are seeing them from their rose-tinted glasses.

Relationships end when the ‘perfect’ image of their partner is broken. People with this handwriting don’t have long-lasting relationships, but if they become more real and self-aware they can improve them.


A desire for attention is often found in handwritings with strokes that end high reaching upward at the end of the word.

If a person has this type of handwriting, they are someone who wants to be at the center of attention every time. This is also true for relationships. They are always looking to find new ways to get their partner’s undivided attention and appreciation.

This person’s relationships may be quickly judged to be superficial by others or by their partner. Their selflessness and generosity from lavishly bestowing expensive gifts are their means of making themselves “look good” to their partner.


A “T” that is high-crossed and a large “I” when it is used as a personal pronoun reveals many positive things about the person’s character.

If someone has this type of handwriting they are confident, ambitious, and a positive person with many plans for the future. They have high expectations when it comes to their relationships too, both for themselves and their partner.

They are perfectionists, but they are usually very balanced individuals with a real and positive self-image and outlook on life.  They can love others because they love themselves.


A person who is afraid of successful relationships often has a handwriting that is manifested by a Y or G which are down-turned and don’t cross their baseline. The closer the line is of your G or Y to the baseline, the closer you are to forming a successful relationship before running the other way.

This person is a “heartbreaker.” This is because the moment they get in a serious relationship, they get scared and do everything in their power to terminate it.

Mary Wright


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