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Guardian Angels Are Real: They Are The People Who Love You More Than Anything

Guardian Angels Are Real: They Are The People Who Love You More Than Anything —

Angels. Spiritual beings. Divine creatures. Messengers. Guardians of our world and everything we hold dear.

Some say there is no such thing as angels. Some believe that these beings are simply a part of an old story that we’ve all heard. Me? I am neither of those two. Because I do believe in angels. No matter how nuts, no matter how impossible it sounds, no matter how unreal or silly, I do believe in angels.

I’ve been through a lot not to. I’ve been through many experiences, some of which were hard on me. So hard that I wouldn’t have survived them if it wasn’t for my only support. My special person. My guardian angel…

That’s the reason why I’ll never stop believing in angels. Angels are real. And if you don’t believe it… Just look around you. They are the people who love us more than anything in the world.

Here are 7 obvious signs that someone in your life is an angel:

1. This person knows you better than you know yourself. They’ve been through many things in life with you to finally see the real you. They’ve met every single version of you, and yet they’ve never given up on you. A person like this knows the way your heart beats. If you have them in your life, be grateful for them.

2. They make you feel comfortable around them. So comfortable that you can literally say anything, talk about anything, do anything in front of them without being judged or made fun of. Being around them gives you the freedom that you need.

3. They listen to you on a deeper level. They listen not to respond, but rather to understand your pain and find a way to help you. That’s what makes this person so unique. That’s what makes them stand out of the crowd. That’s why they are your guardian angel. Because around them, you are always you.

4. They give you the strength that you desperately need. They are what inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, lift you up, change you, give you focus in life. They are the light at the end of the tunnel. The proof that there’s always a way if there’s a will. They are the strength that you need.

5. They’ve helped you heal and move on from your past traumas. They’ve helped you survive through many difficult and challenging periods of your life. They’ve been beside you every step of the way. They’ve guided you, they’ve advised you, they’ve healed you… Without them, you wouldn’t be here today…

6. They never judge you. They respect your choices and support your decisions even if they don’t agree with them. They always put themselves inside your shoes. That’s the only way to see things from every possible perspective and understand you.

7. Something about them makes you feel like you already know them like you’ve been through a lot with them at some point in your life. Perhaps in another dimension, in another reality. Whatever it is, it is obvious that your connection with this person is more than any other relationship in your life.

Stephanie Reeds