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Green Diamond Price: Natural VS Artificial Diamonds


When thinking of a classic, the clear diamond is at the top of everybody’s mind. There’s just something about its glimmer and how it compliments the wearer regardless of skin tone or attire.  This type of the gem is surely present in any women’s collection of jewelry, and this is no surprise.

But classic can also mean that you’re wearing one just like what everybody else has. So if you are looking for diamonds that are surely going to make you stand out from the crowd, then you should acquaint yourself with green diamond-studded jewelry from specialty shops like Astteria. (1)

They are exquisite as they are rare. In fact, probably the only time you can ever spot one that is natural and of significance is when you visit museums with this coloured diamond as one of the key displays.

Having said that they are rare; continue reading to find out what contributes to a green diamond price.

How To Determine Green Diamond Price?

Unlike clear diamonds that serve a neutral look, fancy colored diamonds enhance one’s entire appearance. It gives a much-needed oomph, regardless if you are going for a strong or delicate look. 

When learning about a green diamond’s price, it is always best to first determine if it is natural or artificial.

There is a high percentage that most green diamonds in the market are artificially made, and this is due to the extreme rarity of this coloured gem.

A great example of a significant piece of natural green diamond is Dresden Green. Not only is it one of the only few green diamond pieces in the world, but it is also a piece that is connected with a rich history.

On the other hand, an artificial green diamond is made in laboratories. But just because it is artificial, it doesn’t mean that it’s not equally as resplendent. In fact, you can barely tell with the naked eye when you put natural and artificial diamonds next to each other, so the more practical version of this beloved coloured gem is not bad at all.

What Contributes To Green Diamond Price?

Aside from the diamond’s origin, the following questions below help determine how much a green diamond price will be:

  • How big is the stone?
  • It is on the fancy or vivid side of the colour spectrum?
  • How is the stone’s clarity?
  • What specific cut of stone do you prefer?

These questions can be pertained to as the 4Cs- colour, cut, carat and clarity.

Green Diamond Price In The Market

Fashion is incomplete without jewellery. You can always see A-list celebrities adorned with diamond-crusted pieces of jewelry everywhere they go, as statement accessories are virtually always worn with outfits because they enhance any fashion style.

And just like in fashion, if your goal is to look different, then an obvious must-have is something that is not easily attainable by others.

Think outside the box– wear something that is not usually worn. Take a green diamond piece of jewelry, for example. It’s not every day you get to see someone walking past you with accessories studded with green diamonds.

A beautiful green diamond that is in a lighter shade will set you back roughly £ 40,000 per carat, while deep green diamonds are expected to be available at £ 245,000.

In any given year, only a small fraction of all diamonds cut into polished jewels will have a dominant green tinge. For this reason, the price attached to this colored gem is not at all surprising. (2)

Final Thoughts

It’s good to stick with the classics; however, it is never a bad idea to stray away from what you’re used to. In this regard, a green diamond piece from famous jewelry brands like Astteria can be that pop of colour to finish the look you are aiming for.

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