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10 Beginning Secrets For Gyms Using Google Search Ads


There are millions of searches processed by Google every day. So in such a competitive environment and to be spotted on the first page of the Google search engine, gyms need to use Google ads. You can also get help from Pearl Lemon, a team of experts that work especially SEO for gyms.

Let’s discuss 10 tips on using Google ads for your gyms. (1)

  1. Focus on Quality Score

Google does not focus on the quality score but tracks Brand advertising and determines CPC on each new keyword. So the gym business needs to focus on checking quality scores. Keywords that have low scores should be improved or removed from the content.

  1. Remove Negative Keyword

Negative keywords should not appear in ads. For example, free service or looking for jobs. Such keywords are used when someone is looking for free services or jobs in their respective industry. It does not attract customers to your gym business.

  1. Geo-Targeting

Goods have features in which you can adjust bids as per the location. So gyms businesses can customize their targeting through this feature and increase the relevance of ads. Gyms business runs in specific areas only. So geo-targeting brings only those customers near to your area.

  1. Go for Extensions in Ads

Ad extensions refer to extra information which can be included in Google ads. It helps to engage customers and influence their purchase decisions. For example, add address information, call, or link site. As per the gym requirement, you can add an extension, and Google will not charge anything.

  1. Bidding on Competitor’s Name

Google allows bidding on competitors’ names in ads. For gym business, it helps to collect information about potential clients. However, you cannot use your competitors’ brand names in your advertisement.

  1. Remove ads that are not Working

Gym businesses make sure to control ads as much as possible. Gyms need to check which keywords or phrases are not working effectively. If keywords are not performing as expected, then you should remove them. Otherwise, it will drag your budget.

  1. Use of PPC Campaign

For gym businesses, gathering organic traffic or ranking on the search engine is difficult. To attend high ranking, collect more viewers. The use of the PPC campaign helps to make certain modifications required as per business and collect information on how people respond on landing pages.

  1. Remarketing List in Search Ads

Remarketing refers to targeting those customers who already visited your website but, for some reason, they did not buy any service. Through remarketing, gym businesses can provide precise campaigns to people interested in the gym.

  1. Schedule and Timing

Time plays a vital role in Google ads. Not all the customers are available online. For example, if you want customers in the gym, it is better to run ads in the evening when people are free from the office or on weekends. So targeting customers becomes easier.

  1. Focus on Keywords for Mobile

Using mobile phones for searching on Google is increasing dramatically. Gym businesses have more traffic through mobile phones. So it is better to develop separate campaigns for mobile keywords. Use abbreviations because people use voice search engines or shorten keywords while typing on mobile.

Google is a powerful tool if you use it correctly. It helps companies to compete in the market and get organic traffic. (2)

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