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Tiger Woods Prostitutes: The Fall Of The Great


When one talks about golf, it is impossible to leave the name Tiger Woods out. After all, he is one of the most well-known golfers at the peak of his career.

He peaked in Golf Digest way back in 2008, and no one could have ever imagined then that in a matter of years and due to his own fault, his excellent and remarkable legacy would tumble and never recover.

Commentary blogs like The iPINIONS Journal talked about his scandal in a detailed and riveting manner and remained a lifelong proof of the golfer’s indiscretions.

Wild Stories About Tiger Woods’s Prostitutes

As if consorting with prostitutes and pornstars weren’t shocking enough, it has also been revealed that Woods’ took their romp sessions to new heights.

Sex parties with 10 prostitutes answering his every beck and call, with one of the ladies, even outing him as a person who enjoys roleplay and would treat them as little puppies, was indeed one of the wildest scandals that rocked the sports industry.

It was also reported that he would pay said prostitutes (and whoever else he had indecencies with) for their loyalty and that he had spent a fortune to keep it that way. Unfortunately for him- it did not go as planned.

To put it simply, he lived a very colorful life outside the courses, but this way of living would cost him his legacy. (1)

The Aftershock of Tiger Woods’ Prostitutes

A scandal is expected to shake an athlete’s career, but many have redeemed themselves after, although not enough to go back to the pedestal they once used to stand on.

Tiger Woods’ prostitutes and the entire scandal it entailed had cost him money, fame, and his marriage.

Tiger Woods’ Prostitutes and The Other Contender

When the news about Tiger Woods’ prostitutes broke out, a few notable athletes and personalities immediately condoned his actions. One of them is Phil Mikelson, who, at the time, was dubbed a family man. A man that values and respects his family as compared to Woods’ indiscretions- many have turned to see him as the perfect role model- well, until he was not anymore.

After Tiger Woods’ fall from grace in 2009, no one expected the same thing to happen to Phil Mikelson. But in 2015, his squeaky clean image proved to be nothing but a front.

Like Woods, Mikelson was also discovered to have indecencies or what most would call extra-marital affairs. And as if that was not enough for a slap, it had also been discovered that he was keeping gambling problems in tow as well.

But Unlike Tiger Woods, Mikelson managed to keep his marriage alive despite all the controversies and has remained married to his wife Amy since 1996. Tiger Woods, however, did not share the same destiny as his marriage crumbled to the ground. (2)


One could say that no one is immune to the pull of karma when it hits- no matter if you are one of the most decorated athletes in the world. Tiger Woods can clearly attest to this, as his indecencies had cost him so much more than money could ever buy.

Celebrity scandals have rocked the entertainment industry in both good and bad ways, as evident by commentaries from blogs like The iPINIONS Journal. To some, a scandal of this level could catapult them to more fame, but not all share the same fate. 

David Smith


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