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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. Be Patient

This Is For You When You’re Feeling Unsettled In Life

This goes to you, the person who feels uncertain. The one who feels unheard. The one who has perplexed thoughts and nightmares. The one who doesn’t know what to do with their life, which path to take. The one who doesn’t know what their dreams are and how they can make them come true. The one who is fighting silent battles that no one knows about.

This is for you.

I hope that you don’t make a decision based on what other people tell you. Don’t listen to their advice. They may be genuine and from the heart, but they don’t know what’s best for you. You know what’s best for you. Follow your own heart and instincts and you will make the right decision.

I hope you do things that make you smile and make your heart shine. I hope you don’t make fast decisions just because you are scared that you will miss out. Patience is golden. I hope you take your time to savor every moment of your life and appreciate the good things you have. I also hope that instead of focusing on the “shoulds”, you focus on the “coulds” instead.

Because this world is full of opportunities for you if you let yourself see them.

I hope you trust that everything that happens, happens for a reason and better things are always around the corner. I hope you know that being uncertain and staying still for some time are not bad things. We all need time to decompress and find what feels good to our hearts. Being scared is okay. As long as you are taking a step forward, however tiny, it’s still progress.

I hope that you don’t forget about the present moment while planning for the future. I hope that you remember to smell the flowers, look at the beautiful sunset, and enjoy the magic of the day. I hope that you don’t let your past drag you down. The past is over, and you should focus on the present only.

I hope you stop worrying and overthinking. You will get where you want to go. Trust the process.

Heartaches and pain are temporary. They are hard, but they are important because they make you a stronger and better person.

Finally, I hope you are gentle with yourself. I hope you have the strength and love to forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve made.

And remember – good things come to those who wait. So, don’t be afraid to wait. Be patient. And God will bless you with everything you need to feel whole.

Mary Wright