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God Will Send You The Right Person In Your Life At The Right Time. Trust His Judgment

the right guy will come at the right time

Do you ever feel like you are tired of everything and everyone? Like you’ve had enough with dating and meeting new people? Enough of all the wrong people coming into your life, enough of the toxic ones, enough of the flakey ones, and narcissists who just want to ruin your life?

When will God send the right person in your life?

If you feel like giving up, and accepting the possibility of you never finding love, please listen. Because that is the exact time when you should keep going. The very moment you feel like giving up is when you must remain still and have faith in God because He is testing your strength and faith.

He is testing your bravery and your desire for love. He is testing your trust in Him. And above everything, He is testing your patience.

The Right Person Will Come At The Right Time

Perhaps you can’t believe in this now, and I get it. But, trust me when I say, God has a plan for you. As a matter of fact, God has a plan for every living thing on this planet. Of course, there are times when we can’t understand why things are happening the way they are, but in the end, everything will be clear to us. Everything happens for a reason, and God knows the reasons.

the right guy will come at the right time

Your life is already in the hands of God. He has it all figured out. And it is a beautiful life. God doesn’t want you to be sad. He wants to make you happy. He has prepared a perfect person for you to share your life with, someone who is the soul of your soul. Someone who is destined to be with you.

This person might not be perfect, but they will be everything you are looking for and everything you need. And that’s all that matters.

But, you should know that probably you won’t meet this person when you want to. They won’t enter your life until you are ready. They will come into your life when you become the person you need to be and when they become the person they need to be.

God always knows when you two are ready to meet with each other.

God always knows the perfect timing. He will send you your right person at just the right time.

This may happen when you have lost all the hope that a person for you exists and when you have given up on love completely. It may happen when you go through another heart-wrenching breakup, or after you learn yet another lesson. It may happen after a series of dates with people who are wrong for you only for you to realize what you want and to recognize the one who is right for you.

Because, when this person comes into your life, you will suddenly see why it never worked with anyone else. Suddenly, everything will make sense to you.

You’ll see why you had to go through all those hardships and why you had to deal with all those toxic people. You’ll realize that the reason why you had your heart broken so many times was to prepare you for the best thing that is in your way. And for you to see this person, to recognize and to appreciate them when they come to you.

And you’ll be grateful.

You’ll be grateful for every loss you thought was tragic. You’ll be grateful for all the times you had to walk away from someone. For every time God took away a certain person from your life because they were toxic for you.

Therefore, please, don’t lose faith in God. I promise you that He is watching you and that He has something wonderful prepared for you. Just be patient and have trust in Him. Everything will be okay.

Mary Wright