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FULL STRAWBERRY MOON – Beware: А Massive Energy Shift Is Coming Our Way


The first Gemini eclipse with the North Node will happen on June 5th. The energy that awaits us is opposite from the sign of Gemini – it is filled with haziness and wondering.

It is literally the beginning of a new era that will be active and energetic as opposed to what was happening from 2016 to early 2020.

This eclipse is in Gemini, square Mars + Neptune in Pisces, making it one of Firewater. It is an eclipse of the creative, visionary, and ‘one with the Universe’ kind of people.

That’s what the element of Firewater is all about – energy, creativity, spirituality, vision, and active and vibrant imagination that could later manifest in reality.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is central in 2020 and it happens once every 13 years. These two planets are in Retrograde like Venus is and are preparing to get exact again.

The human race will awaken and the tone of this eclipse will shift from pondering to active and visionary.

Uranus, on the other hand, represents the instant thought, so it means that many things can happen all of a sudden, and people’s lives will change drastically. We won’t be the same. 

Extroverts may suddenly become introverts and vice versa. You may catch yourself doing something you never thought you would do. 

Finally, this eclipse is a very positive one and it is an event that is long-awaited by astrologers and astronomers. 

This eclipse will literally give us more energy and make 2020 an active year, foreshadowing the even greater activity and energy for the years to come. 

If you want to take full advantage of this full moon, then you need a piece of paper, a pen, a quiet room, and some candles. 

Light the candles and start meditating. You should be calm and peaceful during this ritual. Then at 11:11 am or 1:11 pm start writing things down on the piece of paper. Write whatever comes to your mind. 

Then, read what you’ve written and underline the things that matter the most to you. Then close your eyes and start manifesting them by imagining them as they are already in your life. 

Love and planets! 

Mary Wright