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Sometimes We Outgrow Pain, But We Outgrow The People Who Caused It As Well

Sometimes We Outgrow Pain, But We Outgrow The People Who Caused It As Well

Everyone is replaceable. Some more than others, but generally people can get used to every absence, every blow life throws at them. 

The thing about life is spending it with someone who makes you feel irreplaceable, significant. Someone who is loyal and will stand by your side not because they have to, but because they want to. 

To get to that person, we eventually have to go through a lot of downfalls, and through a lot of disappointments. But we outgrow the hurt and the pain once the right person comes along. 

We outgrow the people that did not appreciate us, the people that could not see our worth. 

We outgrow the betrayals and the lies of dishonest relationships. 

We outgrow the gaslighting and the people who could love us at our best but not at our worst.

We eventually outgrow the people that said they were telling the truth but were lying through their teeth.

We outgrow the ones that did not or could not accept all the sides of our character and we outgrow those self-absorbed narcissists dazzled by their own problems and priorities. 

We eventually move past the fear of ending all alone and we let go of fake, online relationships which led nowhere and we forgive the time and the commitment we invested in them, and we realize they were never meant to be. 

We move past the vicious cycle of shallowness and we learn to depend on ourselves first. 

We choose ourselves and we carry those emotional scars that prickle like putting salt on an open wound and we take them in stride. 


Because we can. Because we are strong. Because we are not cotton candy – we are wild roses. Every one of us. 

We have all been hurt and we have all learned how to deal with it. It’s just part of existence. 

Eventually, the right person will come along, but when they will, you will not depend on them. They will be a complementary asset, but not someone your life depends on. 

Emotional strength and independence come with time and with taking the first step towards breaking free from the yoke of poor relationships. 

After you’ve taken that first step, your happiness is no longer measured by others.

It is measured by your own accomplishments and life experiences. 

Nora Connel