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Forgiving Someone Doesn’t Mean You Want Them Back In Your Life


I really believe in the healing power of forgiveness. For me, forgiveness is recovery. It’s the ultimate power you have to uplift your spirit and help yourself find the peace you deserve. I think that there is immense beauty in letting go of pain, anger and all those negative emotions that you have kept bottled up inside you.

Being able to forgive others and yourself is the ultimate power. It will set your heart free.

When it comes to love and relationships, there are times when we struggle to forgive people we love who keep hurting us because it is difficult to accept the reality that those people we love the most would betray us like that. That someone to whom we have given our heart will tear it apart.

As for me, forgiveness has definitely changed my life for the better. When I learned how to accept the fact that I don’t have any power over how someone will react towards me, I felt at peace. I know now that the only power I have is over myself and my actions.

You can’t make anyone love you or treat you the way you think you should be treated. If you don’t like their behavior and how they treat you, you can always leave them while forgiving them and making peace with your heart. Of course, sometimes moving on and forgiving someone is not so easy. Sometimes it’s the most difficult thing you can do because of the hurt that it brings to your heart.

However, I still believe that there is great power in being able to forgive someone and move on because the feeling you get from untying yourself from someone and freeing yourself is amazing. It is liberation from bitterness and pain. It’s a reminder to always be kind to others and not allow any negativity to poison your gentle heart.

However, forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you want that person to stay in your life. Sometimes you forgive someone to let them go and let yourself go.

You can forgive someone for lying to you. You can forgive them for betraying you, for cheating on you, for ghosting you, for taking you for granted. But this doesn’t mean that you want that person back in your life.

True forgiveness means accepting that everyone has flaws. It means forgiving someone for the wrongs they have done to you and letting go of the pain caused by those wrongs. Forgiveness means being kind, loving, and patient.

It gives you the strength to let go, move on, and wish them well while also loving yourself and being kind to yourself.

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Mary Wright