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Forget Coffins! You Can Now Be Turned Into A Beautiful Glass Creation When You Die


The loss of someone you love is one of the hardest things in life. Their death leaves a hole inside you that cannot be filled.

However, one company came up with a revolutionary idea on how you can keep the essence of your loved ones close to you even after they die.

Artful Ashes is a company from Seattle that started to help people overcome the loss of their loved ones. They are creating special and unique glass art by capturing the essence of a person’s spirit in a swirl of ashes and color.  

These wonderful pieces of art will help you through your grieving process, allowing you to hold the spirit of your loved one in your hands and close to the heart.

Also, each glass artwork comes with an inscription of your loved one name and a customized message.

The company says that they treat each order carefully and you can track the production yourself. And, if you are not from Seattle, you can order online their service online.   

Below you can see the gallery of their work. If you want more information about their work, you can contact them here.

Mary Wright


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