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F You For Destroying Her World And Breaking Her Heart When All She Wanted Was To Love You

F You For Destroying Her World And Breaking Her Heart

She was terrified. She was scared of ending up all alone in the dark, just like she’s been too many times in her life. She was not really ready to take a leap of faith and jump once again.  Her insecurities kept reminding her of all those painful memories stuck inside her soul.  Her past haunted her.

Yet, she still chose to fall in love with you.

She wasn’t sure if she is taking the right step, but her heart defied what her mind wanted. She knew that she cannot hush her emotions and so, she let her heart be free. She allowed herself to fall in love with you.

And so, she jumped. She made the step that she was so afraid of. She opened herself to you. She gave you the key to the chambers of her soul. She took out her beating heart and presented it to you on a silver platter. She let you inside her world. She swore to love you more than anyone else ever could. She gave you everything she had and more.

But you couldn’t care less about her feelings, didn’t you?

You came into her life, you made her a few false promises of everlasting love and then when you had her in the palm of your hand, you left her. You destroyed her world. You broke the promise you made to her. You broke her hopes for a better future, and you let her drown inside her own misery.

She welcomed you into her life and you repaid her by tearing her beautiful, vulnerable heart apart. She gave you her heart and swore to always be there for you, and you decided that she not good enough for you. She sacrificed herself to make you happy, and you hurt her in the most terrible way you could. You made her unworthy of your attention.

You could’ve at least be a man and tell her how you honestly feel. But no. You simply didn’t care enough to take her feelings into consideration. You only cared about your needs.

You chose to be selfish. You chose to destroy her world, even though you knew just how much she’s struggled to overcome her painful traumas. You chose to fulfill your needs, no matter the cost. You chose to play with her feelings and when you finally got what you needed, you tossed her aside like garbage. You chose to justify her fears and forced her to isolate herself from the world.

You chose to disrespect her. You chose to make her feel like a fool. You chose to give her hopes, even though deep down you knew that you are not capable of giving her what she needs. You chose to stay silent when she begged for you to prove your love to her. You chose the easier way. The one that did not involve you facing her and feeling her pain.

You chose to be a coward.

And so, you hurt her. You destroyed her entire world and you ripped her heart open.

Because of you and all of the people before you, she is now even more terrified than before. Her heart trembles with fear. Her hands shake with self-doubt. She doesn’t trust anyone.

But I want you to know that no matter what she is going through right now and no matter how bad you hurt her, one day, true love will find her. It will come to her doorstep and it will wipe away her tearful cheeks, bringing light and hope for a beautiful future.

Stephanie Reeds