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Everyone Grieves In Their Own Way: Some Need Support And Some Need Time

Everyone Grieves In Their Own Way: Some Need Support And Some Need Time

No one grieves the same. No other person on earth goes through the same pain that you do while grieving. Which only brings us to this… There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Fullstop.

Sometimes we see people who went through a great loss in life and we feel with them. We empathize with them because we understand their pain. We’ve already been through it on our own. Sometimes the lost look in their eyes triggers a certain memory in us and reminds us of our painful past. And sometimes, we get angry at other people for exaggerating. All because we think that if we’ve felt the same pain as theirs and refused to react emotionally, they should be able to do the same and get out of their torture chamber once and for all.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes we do. We judge people too quickly. We let ourselves criticize their way of coping with life only because they don’t fit into our mold of expectations.

You know what? No one and I repeat, no one, grieves the same.

You may do it silently within the comfort and the privacy of your own home.

But other people may do it loudly.

That doesn’t mean that your way is right and theirs is wrong.

That only proves that we are indeed different. And it is those differences that make us human.

Each and every person grieves in their own way, at their own pace.

Some grief quietly. They have tears running down their cheeks for hours, without telling anyone about it. They choose to sit on a bench and feel everything that flows through them until it’s gone. Until the storm is over. 

Some grief productively. They refuse to allow their sadness to take over them. So, they get out of their shell. They get up on their feet and they focus on what’s important. They focus on their work, on what brings them joy in life, on their thoughts. And they carry on. Pain or not, they refuse to allow their loss to destroy their lives.

And some, well some grief through a connection. They find a person in the middle of the chaos and they fall in love. They wrap their hearts around them and very quickly they attach to that person. They open their hearts without being afraid of getting hurt. 

And ultimately, each and every person out there heals in their own way, at their own pace.

Some need a few days, others need a few months. Anyhow, they don’t ever stop fighting. 

They don’t ever give up because they know that the only faith they need to have is that in the process. That no matter how hard it may seem right now, there are people who do their best to maintain their joy and smile to make others happy.

Stephanie Reeds