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Every Woman Deserves To Be Someone’s Only Choice, Not Their Option

Every Woman Deserves To Be Someone’s Only Choice

No woman deserves a man who treats her like an option. Even if that man is everything she’s ever wanted. Even if he makes her happy and satisfies all her needs, if there are other people in the equation – the relationship is doomed to fail.

A healthy relationship consists of two people. There is no room for anyone else. If a man is really in love with a woman, he will only have eyes for her. He will be loyal to her and only her. He will ditch all temptations because the last thing he wants to do is to hurt his woman.

The truth is, there are people out there who can be in a relationship with you while at the same time fooling around and dating others.

Don’t Be An Option, Be The Only Choice

The man you think in love can turn out to be the biggest manipulator. He will be telling you everything you want to hear – he will say he loves you and that you are the most amazing woman he has ever met. He will whisper all these sweet nothings in your ears only to make you fall for him so that he can start manipulating you and using you for his own selfish purposes.

Don’t fall for the infamous line of “she is just a friend.” If something feels off in the connection, trust your gut. Don’t get yourself stuck in third party situations. The mere thought that there is someone else in your partner’s life can be hurtful and damaging to you, let alone knowing that you are not the only one – that knowledge can leave deep scars on your heart that are difficult to heal.

And if you think that you will never find someone to love you the way he did – lucky you! Because you didn’t deserve to be loved in that way in the first place.

Every woman deserves to be loved with a love that consists of mutual trust, loyalty, and understanding. In a toxic relationship, where there are more than two people involved, there are no trust, no faithfulness, and no love. Because if there were, the man would have been sure in his choice, sure in the love he has for his woman, and there wouldn’t be any people on the side.

You deserve better. Stop fooling yourself thinking that you can’t find happiness elsewhere. Remove the romantic fantasy that you’ve met “the one.” For you to meet ‘the one’, you should be their one and only as well. A person who treats you like an option and not their only choice is not for you.

Move on and find the person who will put you first. The person who will have love only for you.

Mary Wright