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Every Woman Deserves To Be In A Relationship With A Godly Man

Every Woman Deserves To Be In A Relationship With A Godly Man

When it comes to love, there is no particular definition of what it truly is. Different people have different views of love and what it feels like. Sadly, we all tend to romanticize love so much that sometimes we tend to get lost in the idea of it and not the real feeling. 

As for me, I think that every woman deserves to be in a relationship with someone who loves God more than anything, including her. A man who is willing to listen and discuss all the big questions in the Bible while helping her to understand God’s Word better.

You deserve to be with a man who will go to church with you and help you become closer to God, not distancing you away from Him.

You deserve to be in a relationship with a man who has his values rooted in the Bible and that’s how you will always know that you two share the same beliefs and values. Plus, you can rest assured that he won’t change because his principles and values are the most important to him.

You deserve a man who treats you right and loves you tenderly. Someone who will love you with a love that is both kind and passionate. Someone with whom you will feel calm and peaceful because his heart is calm and peaceful. You deserve a Godly man, someone who carries God within him.

Because a man who loves God will love you unconditionally and selflessly. He won’t lose his temper and get angry at you during arguments. He will be always willing to compromise and solve the problem rather than cause any further damage. He will always respect you and treat you with kindness and love.

The relationship with a man who carries God in his heart will make you the happiest because there won’t be any toxicity. A Godly man will always love you and be with you. He won’t wake up one day and suddenly realize he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. He will always be faithful to you because he knows that true love is so much more than just emotions.

A Godly man will be your lover and your best friend too. He won’t spoil you with material things, but he will spoil you with his manners, chivalry, and unconditional love.

And this is how real love is supposed to be. Wait for this kind of love. Wait for the man that lives by the truth of God and you will never be hurt.

Mary Wright