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Every Time You Push Her Away From You, You Lose Her

Every Time You Push Her Away From You, You Lose Her

Hey YOU. I know your kind. I know what goes on in your mind. I know what games you play. I know all of those tricks up your sleeve. I know everything. I’ve felt it on my skin. My heart. My soul. My entire being.

I’ve been burnt before. I’ve been hurt in ways you could never imagine. I’ve been a part of the same game that you’re playing with her. I’ve been disappointed, mistreated, deceived, underestimated, destroyed… I’ve been through it all…

She’s not going to forgive you forever. She’s not going to let you break her heart…

For every time you push her away, you lose her. Every time you underestimate her, you destroy a part of her, you kill a speck of her hope and you force her to walk away. You think she’s here to stay forever, but she knows what she’s doing. Right now she’s testing you and you are failing, my friend.

You lose her each and every day more and more. You think you have here, but she’s slowly slipping away. You lose her every time you avoid her calls. You lose her every time you distance yourself and make her feel like she has no place in your heart. You lose her every time you let her know that she’s not and she’ll never be a priority in your life. You lose her every time you betray her trust and lie to her. You lose her every time you promise her a future together, but fail to show up when she needs you the most. You lose her every time you let her go to bed with tears in her eyes.

You, my friend, lose her every time you disappoint her.

She may trust you now, but she won’t stick around for all eternity. She’s vulnerable, and she’s given everything that she has to make this relationship work. But that doesn’t mean that she cannot decide to give up on everything and just walk away. It doesn’t mean that she’s not capable of leaving everything behind.

This woman loves you purely. For what reason, I can’t explain. All I know is that she’s given you more than you’ve ever deserved. She’s been through a lot with you hoping that one day you’ll finally change and love her the way she deserves.

But she’s on the verge of giving up. She no longer has the strength to keep trying. She no longer believes in all of this. She no longer trusts you.

She’s ready to give up and trust me, she’s not afraid to leave everything behind.

The more you push her away from you, the more you lose her.

And once she’s gone… She’s never coming back.

Stephanie Reeds