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Empaths Have A Strong Sense Of Not Belonging; That’s Why They Feel Lonely Sometimes

Empaths Have A Strong Sense Of Not Belonging; That’s Why They Feel Lonely Sometimes

Empaths are one of the most sensible, caring, and virtuous human beings. They are the healers of society. They absorb every feeling around them and experience it as their own.

That’s why they are able to feel everything so deeply and empathize with the pain of other people. And because they absorb so many energies, they often get exhausted and depleted and therefore, they need to isolate themselves from everyone to recharge their batteries.

Plus, empaths can get very lonely at times even though they are surrounded by the people that are close to them. They feel connected to the people they love but they have a feeling inside them that they don’t belong in this world.

Empaths Have A Strong Sense Of Not Belonging

Regardless of where they are, with whom, and how hard they try to fit in – that gnawing feeling inside them is there. Of course, on some days they feel better and connected, but still, in the back of their mind, they feel like outsiders. They are not always comfortable because of their high energy level that is exceptionally higher than that of other people.

Empaths are extremely gifted and powerful individuals. They have super-human abilities, but it is not easy being an empath. To an outsider, it may look like empaths are blessed because they know everything and they have their future figured out.

However, the reality is, they also take things one day at a time. And even though empaths can see people’s true colors and they can feel what they are feeling and know what they are thinking, still, empaths have a hard time forming a deep bond with another person.

And just like empaths know other people, they also know themselves very well and because of that, they tend to get mixed feelings and lose themselves in other people’s lives which further fuels their feeling of not belonging. In this sense, not belonging can be seen as a good thing.

Once the empaths make peace with their place in the world and that it’s okay to feel what they are feeling, they will fully embrace their gifts and become unstoppable. They can literally change the world with their empathy and sensitivity.

Because empaths are here to heal this world. But, in order for them to unlock their healing abilities,  they first must heal themselves.

Finally, yes – empaths are confusing but they are also extraordinary human beings. If you are in dire need for help and guidance, seek an empath. They will assist you on your path.

If you are an empath as well, share this article with your friends to let them know the magical yet complex personality of yours and understand you a little bit better.

Mary Wright