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Don’t Waste Your Time Arguing: Not Everyone Is Ready To Accept The Truth

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Here’s the truth. We are all different. We have different opinions, different beliefs, different value systems, different feelings, different experiences, different fears, different insecurities, different circumstances in life, different opportunities.

We may look and sometimes even act the same, but deep down, we are all different. That’s a fact.

So, why bother trying to get someone to think the way you do?

Why bother trying to convince people to believe in what you believe?

I know how it feels when someone you know says something completely wrong and unacceptable to you. I know the irritation that causes. I know how much it eats you up. I also know how willing you are to fight them only to prove your point.

But stop for a minute. Have you ever thought that their truth just might be completely different than yours?

Or here’s another one for you.

Have you ever stopped and realized that some people may not be ready to accept your truth?

There are people out there that are simply “not there yet”. People that are not on the same level that you are. People that don’t and probably won’t ever think the way you do. People that are blind to the “truth”. This doesn’t mean that you should go from one person to another and force them to accept your “truth”. It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t condemn someone for not agreeing with you. If they are wrong about something but don’t accept your advice then let them be wrong. Let them make mistakes.

They are the ones that will live with them.

And after all, who are you to judge if they are wrong… Like I said, your truth is completely different than other people’s truths. And that doesn’t make it right or wrong.

I know it sounds bad, but that’s just the way things go… Not everyone out there is ready and willing to accept your truth and that’s fine. They shouldn’t. There will come a time when they’ll finally reach that level of maturity and they’ll understand what and why you’ve been talking for months…

In the meantime… keep calm and live life the way you want to live it. Stop arguing with people about who is wrong and who is right. Stop wasting your precious energy trying to change people’s minds and prove to them that your version of the truth is the only thing that matters. Stop worrying about how they see you. Stop giving a damn how people choose to live their lives. Stop obsessing how many mistakes they make.

You do you. Focus on your path. Your experiences. Your struggles and your lessons.

And yes… Let people be wrong. For that’s the only way they’ll ever learn.

Stephanie Reeds