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Let Him Go If He Is Just Not Ready For A Mature Relationship

Let Him Go If He Is Just Not Ready For A Mature Relationship

Letting go is among the hardest of things. It’s like an iceberg. It hurts a lot on the surface and then it hurts even more, deep down inside. It’s also like hitting an iceberg. Can you ever be ready to hit an iceberg? Well, it’s the same with letting go. Can you ever be ready to let go of something you love?

But you have to try.

Stop giving your time, your energy, your soul, your best years to someone who doesn’t deserve you.

Stop crying over broken glass – you cannot mend it. Just move on. Looking back only brings sorrows of past memories. What is irretrievable, what you cannot bring back is best to be left where it belongs – in the past.

Stop being the one doing all the work in the relationship. He may say he wanted to have dinner with you, but too bad his friends called first. He may say he wanted to celebrate your anniversary, but he forgot the date because supposedly he was snowed under work and obligations.

You tell him to do something for you, something very simple, or you talk to him about your feelings and it really matters that he listens and provides comfort, yet somehow, your words fall on deaf ears. You feel his distant look, his empty nodding, and it pisses you off, but you don’t dare to say anything because you love him.

Well, I have one word for you, love: manifestation.

If he doesn’t show some genuine appreciation, love, and care for you, if he doesn’t listen to you – don’t drag your emotions across the hall; buckle up and let him go. Be the one to leave a relationship that leads to a dead end.

Let Him Go

Dead end in a relationship is usually a result of lack of communication or a lack of emotion. If the two exist, you will feel all those warm fuzzy feelings love brings in a relationship. If they don’t, you will feel undermined and neglected.

Most couples aren’t as romantic as they were at the beginning of the relationship, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean that romance shouldn’t exist. You should still get some flowers, chocolate, or a bottle of wine every now and then. You should still get a present for your birthday and he should still remember the day you first met or how you met at least. 

He should make you a priority, but if you feel like you are not and if you feel like you are not getting what you need emotionally – leave.

An unshakable, unwavering, unequivocal I am leaving you because you don’t deserve me.

Yes, shout it from the rooftops: I am leaving you because you are not worthy of my time and I can find someone better who knows how to appreciate my worth!

Shut down your phone, don’t answer his calls.

Wait in the darkness for a while. The person that truly loves and cares for you–will try to reach you in the darkness. Even in the pitch black. If not, well, they are doing you a favor.

Nora Connel