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Don’t Take Her For Granted: A Woman’s Silence Speaks Louder Than Her Words

A Woman’s Silence Speaks Louder Than Her Words

Men! I feel like it is finally time to let you in on a little secret of ours.

In fact, when I think about it…it is not really a secret. We’ve never really tried to hide this from you. So if you’ve been in a serious relationship with a woman, this is something that you should have known by now.

When a woman fights with you, she does it because she cares.

And regardless of how confusing this sounds, that is not something that you should worry about. It is not something that you should fear or stay away from. In fact, on the contrary, these are moments that you should appreciate. For they say a lot more than they seem. They show that your woman cares for you.

You see, when a woman argues with you, it is because she feels something deep inside of her. She does it because her emotions work so much that they are overwhelming her, so she cannot control herself in front of you. She speaks her mind because that is the easiest way for her to express her emotions. Her behavior is just proof of just how much she loves you. Everything she does is a sign that she needs your attention. That she, in fact, craves your understanding.

She talks, yells and screams because there is a storm of emotions inside of her. A storm that she cannot handle on her own. A storm that she must let it out of her.

What you should be afraid though, is the day when she stops talking and goes silent. The day when she is no longer vocal about her needs or her opinions. The day when she loses the desire to share something with you. The day when she loses the strength to fight for what you two have. The day when she no longer feels comfortable sharing her secrets with you.

A woman’s silence is far more dangerous and painful than her words. In fact, a woman’s silence is a sign that you are no longer the one who occupies her thoughts or her everyday life. Because it signifies indifference. Distance. Coldness. 

These are moments that you don’t wish to experience in your life, believe me.

For when a woman goes silent after a long period of talking and making her intentions clear to you, know that you’ve lost every chance that you had. Know that there is no turning back.

You see, women love to express their feelings vocally. They love speaking their minds because their words represent the depth of their souls. So, when her words fade away and you are left with nothing but the daunting silence, know that you’ve reached the beginning of the end.

Don’t fear a woman’s argument. Don’t fear her words. Don’t fear her tears that she cannot hold back.

Fear her silence and the lack of will in her voice.

Fear her tolerance and patience.

Fear her indifference.

Fear her “I’m fine” behavior.

Fear all of this because it means that she is no longer willing to fight for you. Fear all of this because it means that she is ready to walk away from your life, never to return again.

Stephanie Reeds