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Don’t Lose Hope. What You Are Looking For Is Looking For You As Well


Don’t lose hope. What you are looking for is looking for you also.

And I hope it’s something good and beautiful. I hope it makes you happy. I hope it’s the kind of happy that comes with experiencing life on your own terms. I hope it moves you and nourishes your soul. I hope it’s something you’ve always wanted. And I hope you have the courage to recognize it and fully grasp it.

Because you have a fire inside of you and you are worthy of having everything your heart wishes for. You have a fire inside of you, and I hope nothing will put it out. I hope you always carry that passion everywhere you go.

I hope you love with all your heart and let yourself be humbled by love.

I hope you will find the kind of love that will inspire you to become a better person. The one that will support you and believe in you always. The one with whom you’ll be the happiest you can ever be. Because you deserve it. You deserve to have someone who will show you how deeply you can love. Someone whose love will heal every wound you have. Someone who feels like home.

You deserve to find acceptance. That kind of acceptance that will shut down the voice that tells you you are not good enough or that you will not succeed in life. I wish you to accept your past mistakes and learn to let go of them in order to heal and grow. To accept that you are only human, and you are doing everything you can.

I hope your life is filled with moments that leave you breathless. Ones that change you at your core.

I hope you travel often to places you’ve never visited before but will change you for the better. I hope you go to museums, and concerts, and things that make you feel alive. I hope you only surround yourself with good people and friends that have your best interests at heart.

Finally, I hope you don’t lose yourself. I hope you find yourself instead and what you want. I hope you embrace your life and learn how to be loving and kind to yourself. I hope you will always be proud of yourself and learn how to fall in love with yourself every day.

I hope you find everything that you are looking for.

Mary Wright