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Don’t Let His Games Fool You: He Is Only Stringing You Along

Don’t Let His Games Fool You: He Is Only Stringing You Along

What are you doing?

I see you struggling. I see you trying to salvage that thing you call a relationship. You are failing. Every day, over and over again. You give your chances, and he gambles them away. You put all of your efforts to make things work, and yet, you get nothing in return…

Don’t let his games fool you, darling…

He is not your boyfriend. He is just an immature man who doesn’t know what he wants from life. He only texts you when he needs something from you. He is never there when you need him. What does that say about him? Hm? One minute he’s in your life, the next one, he’s nowhere to be found. He disappears for a week or so, ignores you completely, and then when you least expect it, he comes back. And when he comes back, he knows exactly what to do to make you forgive him.

He is not your lover. He is just a manipulative jerk who only calls you when he needs you. Don’t let his actions make you think that he wants something other than your body. He is using you. And he is very good at it… He invites you to a drink only when his plans fall through. He is nice to you only when he needs you to do something for him. He is manipulating you and you don’t see it.

He is not your soulmate. He is just a hypocrite who tells you that he loves you and then stabs you in the back. He leads you on because he loves the way you make him feel. He enjoys your attention. He loves it when you are there for him, trying your best to please him in every way possible. But when it comes to giving something in return, he’s never there.

He is not your man. He is just a liar who uses you for sex. He expects you to always be there for him and give him exactly what he needs without giving a damn about what your needs are. Trust me, he knows that he’s an immature and insensitive jerk. He knows that he’s treating you like trash. He probably even knows that you’d do anything to be in a serious relationship. But then again, that’s not what he wants. That’s why he’s choosing to ignore your emotions and pretend that you’re fine with everything.

He is not your friend. He is just a selfish and immature fool who ghosts you when he feels like it.  In his mind, he is never wrong. Whatever he does, no matter how much he hurts you, he is always right. So, have in mind that this is a man who would never change. Not for you, not for anybody.

This man is not the one you need in your life. This man is not the right one for you.

So, stop. Stop lying to yourself that your love can transform people.

More importantly, stop lying to yourself that you are happy.

Stephanie Reeds