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Don’t Just Exist – Be Brave To Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Don’t Just Exist – Be Brave To Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Time flies fast, days go by… And you… You are just there. Right there where you’ve always been. You are in the exact same place for years and you do nothing. Time flies fast, days go by and you… You are just there. You seem like you don’t mind being in your comfort zone. Like you enjoy it there. Like there is nowhere you would rather be right now…

But here’s the problem. You hate it. Deep down you are not happy. You pretend that being right there, right now is something you chose and you’re okay with, but in your heart, you know that’s not the truth. Because somewhere inside that beautiful soul of yours, there are millions of dreams waiting to be realized. But it is your ego, your shadow self, your insecure self that is sabotaging your happiness by holding you back and convincing you that you don’t have what it takes to make it…

So, you just play along. You let your ego win you over, you accept your destiny and you decide to let your insecurities take total control over you…

And so it is… time flies by, days go by… and you… You are there. Right there where you’ve always been. You have so many dreams in front of you, but not enough strength and will power to reach out to them.

Why are you trying so hard to stop yourself from growing?

Why are you resisting change?

Are you afraid of it?

Are you afraid that maybe you’ll fail and never get back on your feet again?

Growth may not be easy but it is nowhere near as painful as the life you’re living right now.

You don’t live life in a way that makes you happy. You, my dear, are merely existing.

And I know it’s hard to release yourself from your insecurities and just go for it. I know it is easier said than done. But, this is not the way you want to spend your entire life. Trust me, you don’t want to wake up at 60 and regret your decisions.

So, please hear me out… Listen to what I have to say before is too late.

DON’T just exist. Don’t waste your life yearning for a different reality than you already have. Don’t go through the day doing what you have to do to stay alive. Don’t waste your seconds. Don’t waste your breaths. Instead, be brave to get the hell out of your warm, cozy, comfort zone, accept life’s challenges and go in the direction of your wildest dreams.

Be brave to create the life of your dreams.

Living is not being alive. And it has nothing to do with merely existing.

Living is choosing happiness, choosing freedom.

Living is getting rid of the limiting subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back for years and taking a giant leap outside your comfort one.

Living is embracing life, changes, every single moment as they come and hoping for the best.

Living is being grateful for every single moment of your life.

Living is waking up in the morning with a will to get up and do the things that make your soul flourish.

Living is accepting yourself for exactly who you are, flawed and imperfect.

Living is letting go of everything you cannot control.

Living is having a purpose and chasing your wildest dreams, no matter how trivial and small they seem to others.

Living is spreading your wings and flying higher than you ever thought you could.

…And it all starts with you. You just have to make the decision, take a leap of faith and dive. So, what are you waiting for?

Stephanie Reeds