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Don’t Hesitate To Compliment People: Magnify Their Strengths, Not Their Weaknesses


There’s something about giving compliments that we as people consider uncomfortable. What is it? Is it because we’re embarrassed? Or because we are afraid that we might be misunderstood? Or perhaps because we think that we’ll bother them?

Whatever it is, it makes most people out there think twice before giving another person a compliment.

And it shouldn’t! Compliments are the most beautiful gifts that we can give to each other. And when they are genuine and come straight from the heart, they are truly precious. They are like these instant positivity boosters that put a big smile on people’s faces.

So, next time you catch yourself feeling awkward for wanting to compliment a random person on their makeup or their posture or simply their way of talking, don’t let those silly feelings cloud your judgment. If you feel safe and comfortable in someone’s presence, let them know. If you admire this person, let them know. If you think they have a hidden talent, let them know!

If it’s something that comes from your heart, you shouldn’t hesitate to say it out loud!

Here are 7 compliments to give and receive from people:

1. “You make me smile.” There is nothing more beautiful and heart-warming than knowing that you are the reason for someone’s happiness. Knowing that your presence can bring a smile to someone face is everything. And what’s more, that kind of happiness is contagious.

2. “One day, you’ll make a wonderful parent.” The ability to bring life into this world is one of the most inspiring traits that we have as humans. So, to be told that you are the kind of that has what it takes to raise happy, healthy and kind individuals, that’s one of the greatest compliments that a person can give or receive. It says everything about you as a human being.

3. “You are beautiful both inside and out.” Physical appearance is okay, but it is not as important as who you truly are as a person. Being told that you have a pure, beautiful soul is much more meaningful than being told that you have a nice body. At least that’s how I feel…

4. “Thank you for always being you.” This is by far the best thing that anyone can tell you. Having someone tell you that you are a true inspiration by simply following your dreams and standing up for yourself is one of the greatest compliments that you can receive. Not all of the people out there have the courage to get out of their shell and be who they really want to be…

5. “You are the most honest person I’ve ever met.” It’s wonderful to know that your honesty is welcomed and deeply appreciated, instead of despised. Few are the people who realize that it is better to be hurt by the ugly truth than comforted by a sugary lie.

6. “Thank you for always being there for me.” Loyalty is the most wonderful thing that we can give to another person. It is a gift of everlasting trust, commitment, and respect. So, when someone tells you that they are truly grateful for having you in their life that means that you are a truly reliable and caring person. Is there anything more beautiful than being someone else’s strength?

7. “You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.” You know how it goes… Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. It is all up in there. It is all in the mind. If you know how to turn a negative situation into a positive one, you, my dear, are one of a kind. There is truly nothing more incredible than having your soul recognized by other people and being praised for your ability to see the brighter side of life…

Stephanie Reeds