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Don’t Despair, Don’t Lose Hope: Maybe Right Now, You Aren’t Supposed To Find Love


Don’t despair, don’t lose faith, my friend. I know you are not in a good place in life right now, but that doesn’t mean that you are failing. That doesn’t mean that what you are going through right now is meaningless. It doesn’t mean that all that is happening to you right now is without purpose.

You want to find love. You want to feel loved. You want your life to finally have a meaning.

But maybe right now your path in life isn’t about love. Maybe your purpose in this exact moment is to just be alone. Learn about yourself. Meet the parts of you that were buried deep inside for a very long time. Open your soul and let it feel whatever it needs to feel. Breathe. Feel. Go through anything that makes your eyes tear up. Face the things that have always instilled fear in you. Accept all challenges that life has given you. Accept the fact that you cannot change certain things. Maybe right now you are being shown that you don’t need another human being to be happy, to take care of yourself and do the things that bring your joy. That even though you are alone, you can still be enough to be your own home.

Maybe right now, your journey is about healing. About redemption. Maybe you’ve needed this time alone, but you weren’t aware of it. Maybe right now, you are not supposed to welcome another person in your life for they might distract you from your new path, your new purpose. Maybe this is the right time to finally make amends with your heart, forgive it for loving people who were wrong for you and give it all the love that it craved for such a long time. Maybe right now, this is life, giving you a second chance to start all over again. To allow yourself to believe in the goodness of vulnerability, to be the person who chooses to be fragile and feel things even when the world is harsh.

I might be wrong, but then again, I might also be right. 

You see, life gives, and it takes away. But it never ever challenges you with something that you are not ready for. It always faces you with experiences that you can handle. So know this. Whatever you are going through right now, that is the right thing for you. You may not feel that way, but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It just means that you need more time to accept those changes and adjust your sails.

Maybe you are not meant to find love right now. Maybe right now, the only thing you need in your life is you. Maybe this is the time that you’ve been wanting to make for yourself for such a long time but never managed to find it. And maybe this is how you will finally learn that you, my friend are the only person that you can truly rely on. That you are the only creator of your world. That you are the first and foremost person that has to give your heart the love it deserves. And that you are the only one who can heal yourself.

So, accept it.

Don’t despair, don’t lose hope. Instead, embrace these changes and have faith that life will always face you with certain lessons.

Stephanie Reeds