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What is the difference between cartomancy and tarot card readings?


Talking about the most prevalent psychic skills, we will always think of cartomancy and tarot card readings. If you think that both are just reading cards to predict the future, you have underestimated their ability. Good psychics not only read cards but also people and offer practical guidance. While reading the cards, they will integrate their understanding of your personality and their professional skills into explaining the true meaning of the cards in your situation.

Tarot card reading has been playing a key role in predicting and foretelling one’s life and future since ancient times. It always helps people envision crucial life events and happenings and gets them prepared

Amazed by its incredible ability, you may be interested in taking part in it. However, to start with, you should know the disparity between the tarot card reading and the cartomancy.

How About Using Playing Cards to Read Tarot?

A tarot online does indeed provide more in-depth analysis and extra power to the meaning of the card layout, which is also known as the spread. This is done by the Major Arcana, an extra card set in the deck.

However, although ordinary playing cards don’t have the set, you can still perform divination and gain some inspiration. Being a professional tarot reader, I sometimes use playing cards for a valuable reading when the regular deck isn’t with me, and you can learn it too by following this cartomancy guide.

Tarot Reading

Even though there are many types of psychic readings, the tarot card has always been the most recognized, common, and prevalent one. Tarot cards comprise a wide mix of cards, resulting in a large deck. Unlike common decks of cards, they include wands, pentacles, cups, swords, and knights. Also, they comprise the familiar jacks, which symbolize male energy here.

Tarot card reading is perfect for predicting love and romance. It would definitely be the best choice if you are interested in seeing your affection and romantic life in the future. Surely, it also fits those who would like to gain some insight into the existing relationship. Tarot card readings help with all relationships.

Cartomancy Reading

The main difference between cartomancy and tarot card readings is that cartomancy reading involves using a regular deck of cards. However, both are similar to the extent that the cards represent some kinds of energy. In cartomancy reading, kings and queens embody male and female energies respectively while jacks symbolize young but gender-neutral energy.

Another difference is that cartomancy readings tell a wider range of information about your life and events. Despite providing a less focused reading than the tarot cards, it gives more accurate timings of the events.

Cartomancy reading is so easy that everyone can learn to do it. It can be done with any deck of cards, regardless of being new or not. However, being easy to start with doesn’t mean easy to master it. The best psychics are attuned to reading the clues. They will guide you to understand how to apply the readings to your own context by comprehending your energy. You will always get valuable advice and recommendations from them.

How to Read Playing Cards

  • Hearts, like cups, represent not merely love but all emotions and feelings including sadness and happiness. They also represent relationships, which always bring the full spectrum of emotions into our lives.
  • Spades, like swords, are connected to cognition and communication. They represent all the things that happened inside our heads such as decision-making and studying. Both constructive and destructive actions are also associated, including creating changes in our lives, encountering conflicts, and showing our ambitions.
  • Diamonds, like pentacles, coins, or discs, are used to showing all practical, tangible, and material aspects of life such as home, work, projects, and money. Interestingly, relationships are included again but are viewed from a practical perspective. It’s also worth noting that health issues may also be indicated here.
  • Clubs, like wands, rods, batons, or staves, are all related to action, symbolizing adventure, risk-taking, or competition. They can guide us in areas like creativity, business, intellect, or again relationships. Furthermore, they also represent physical or spiritual energy and attributes. For example, inspiration, ambition, and intuition.


Cartomancy and tarot card readings enlighten us by giving insight into the future, although they provide different information with different foci. Performed by a professional psychic, the readings will help you foresee, prepare, and adapt to the future.

David Smith