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Doing Things Alone Is The Most Liberating And Empowering Experience


I am the woman you see drinking coffee alone at the coffee shop and reading a book. I am the woman you see eating by herself at restaurants. I am the woman you see having an amazing time at concerts alone. I am the woman who takes herself out on dates and has an amazing time.

Of course, it is fun to spend time with other people, but there are many people out there who underestimate the beauty of doing things on their own. They think that being alone and doing things alone means they don’t have friends or that others will look at them like they are losers.

Many people are going through life afraid and ashamed to do things alone. I was one of them at one point in my life, but now I understand that I was missing out on life just because I refused to experience it alone. Whenever I wanted to travel somewhere or do something, I would always ask my friends to come with me and if they rejected me, I’ll stop myself from going or doing it either.

I was always holding myself back from doing things that matter to me just because I didn’t have company. But now, I got tired and I am at the point of my life when I don’t care about what others will think or say. I will not let anyone, including myself, hold me back anymore from fulfilling my heart desires even if this means I will have to do everything alone.

Once I made this decision and started living my life on my terms, I felt an immense sense of freedom. I am finally in touch with myself and loving myself more each day.

By doing things by myself, I became my own best friend. I am now going shopping, hiking, bike riding, traveling, and enjoying my own company. Because the reality is, not everyone has the same interests as you do, not everyone will want to go on certain events with you. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go either. Life’s too short. Enjoy all the things you love, even if it means to enjoy them alone.

Once you start doing things alone, you will realize how empowering it really is. Never miss out on anything again. Go on, have fun, and make memories!

Mary Wright