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Dog Steals Fake Teeth, Wears Them And Makes Owner Burst Into Laughter


A man bought himself a pair of silly, plastic teeth for fun and the whole thing worked out funnier than he expected.

Ben Campbell, a man from Michigan, wanted to cheer himself and his family up during these difficult times, so he decided to buy himself big, large, plastic teeth. He hoped to make a few selfies and bring joy back into his house. Well, he did buy them, but as it turned out, they weren’t meant for him.

So, when Ben, left the teeth on the table, his dog, Thomas the Yorkshire terrier grabbed them in his mouth and ran away with them.

Ben Campbell

But to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t chew them into hundreds of pieces. Instead, he carried them around the house for a while, having no clue how ridiculous he looked. Yet, it is as if he secretly knew that the only thing we need right now is a laugh, so he picked them up just perfectly.

To anyone’s surprise, tiny Thomas suddenly showed up with a big, beaming smile and made everyone burst into laughter.

Ben Campbell

That’s when Ben started filming this ridiculous moment, which only seemed to have encouraged Thomas to keep them on a little longer.

Ben Campbell

In the video below, you can hear Ben snorting with laughter as he’s trying to film Thomas.

They went instantly viral and reached more than a hundred thousand views on YouTube, making Thomas the biggest ray of sunshine we all needed to see these days.

One person wrote: “I just woke up my entire house laughing harder than I have ever. This was so unexpected it laughed me out of bed. My wife and kids are so mad, none of them will watch it and I still can’t stop.”

Another also commented “Oh my god!! I’m finally gonna get those quarantine abs just from laughing at this!”

Stephanie Reeds