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Ditch Anyone Who Likes To Have You In Their Life But Refuses To Be Exclusive With You

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Some say in love, things are always black or white.  Either you love someone and want to be with them or you don’t. There are no grey areas.

But what happens when your love interest loves hanging out with you but refuses to be in a committed relationship with you? Why a person could be telling you they want you by their side and they want to be with you, but when it comes to offering a real commitment they don’t do anything about it? Why does someone show interest and then backs off? 

I understand that you are confused, and you want to know why someone can be so attentive one moment and shower you with so much love and attention, only to ghost you the next, and then come back again and be all nice and loving. I think that a person who does that is not worthy of even analyzing their behavior. In my opinion, you shouldn’t waste your time, energy, and emotions on someone who doesn’t know what they want. 

And if you really want to know, the truth is – they like you, but they don’t like you enough to commit fully to you.

That’s why they always come back and don’t want to break up with you. Because they like you. They like having you in their life… until the real thing comes along (ups!).

Well, f*ck them! F*ck anyone who treats you like you are not enough.

Ditch anyone who likes to hang out with you but doesn’t want to be exclusive with you.

Ditch anyone who disappears for days after spending an amazing day with you.

Ditch anyone who strings you alone, refusing to put a label on your relationship.

Ditch anyone who says they miss you but don’t make any effort to see you.

Ditch anyone who likes you, but not enough!

And most importantly, don’t take it personally. If someone refuses to appreciate you for the wonderful person you are, it’s their fault. And never try to change yourself in the hopes of them liking you more.

Yes, I know that it hurts, but the reason why it hurts is not that they were the right person for you. The hurt comes from your ego. Don’t let it fool you.

Yes, it sucks. But you can’t force someone to feel a certain way about you. All you can do is be the best version of yourself and let go of anyone who fails to see your worth.


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Mary Wright