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Different Types Of CBD Products And What Are Its Benefits


CBD has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. It’s considered to have very few side effects and has shown a good safety profile in clinical trials.

CBD in marijuana is derived from hemp oil, which is extracted from the stalks and leaves of this plant. It’s a natural compound that can be isolated and combined with other ingredients to create the exact amount of CBD you need.

The most common CBD product is CBD oil. As much as they’re great and helpful, did you know that there’s a ton of different variety of CBD products as well? That being said, here are the different types of CBD products that you should know about: 

  1. Water-soluble CBD

If you’re looking for a way that allows your body to better absorb CBD, water-soluble is the best choice for you. If you take a medicine that doesn’t dissolve easily in water, you’re adding extra work to your organs so that they could break down the medicine and distribute it to your body. But when you’re taking a water-soluble CBD, you’re allowing this to be distributed to your body much faster since our bodies are composed of 60% water.

You can read more information about water-soluble CBD here. 

Benefits: By being water-soluble, this product allows your body to absorb it faster. Plus, you’ll be able to measure the dosage much easier as well.

Along with this, they’re super convenient, too. You can carry this on your bag and add a few drops to your meal whenever you’re out and about.

  1. Beauty Products

CBD isn’t only great for your health but also great for your skin. In today’s time, the demand for CBD beauty products has been going higher since many people swore by the effectiveness of this product. 

There are a wide variety of beauty products that has CBD as its main ingredient. It can go from eye cream, serum, moisturizer, face oil, body oil, deodorant, and even perfume. 

Benefits: The benefits of using CBD on your skin are endless. They’re commonly known to be great with anti-aging benefits. Plus, they work wonders for those people that have acne and dry skin. Overall, they’re great for all skin types. 

  1. Edibles

If you’re tired of having CBD as an oil to your food, there’s a great alternative that allows you to effectively consume CBD–edibles.

Along with this, this is a great beginner’s first CBD experience since they come in a delicious treat that would mask the original taste of CBD. They’re easier to consume even when you’re out in the public. And, you don’t have to bring out an oil bottle every time. Instead, you can just pop a biscuit or two.

CBD edibles come in a form of gummy bears, chocolates, brownies, cookies, or even a sucker. Since they taste a lot better, this allows you to enjoy your CBD a lot more.

Benefits: They come in a delicious taste that’s perfect for those who hates the taste of CBD and they’re easier to consume as well.  

  1. Drinks

As much as you can mix it with water, there are CBD products that are infused with it already. When using CBD oil, it’s extremely difficult to mix it with water. But thanks to modern technology, you can now have a readily-available drink that allows you to drink CBD with ease.  

You can find CBD drinks with bottled water, energy shots, and powdered drink mixes. Just make sure that they’re water-soluble so that they can perform at its best.  

Benefits: Since it’s water-soluble, it allows your body to absorb it much faster compared to those with oils. Plus, they can provide more effectiveness to your body. 

  1. CBD Oil

CBD oil can be used as an additive to your food, such as your salad. Also, you can massage this to your body as well as to your hair. Some people drink CBD directly and some even use them for vaping. There are a lot of uses for CBD oil that you could explore.  

Benefits: It may benefit a person’s health, such as anxiety, lung conditions, asthma, and even cancer. It’s a natural pain reliever and has anti-inflammatory properties that would help you feel better once consumed.  


CBD does not only come in a form of oil but a lot of things as well. They can be digested for the improvement of your overall health or they can be used on the skin to make your skin look in its best condition.  

Whatever type of CBD product that you choose to consume, make sure that it would be the most helpful way for you to take CBD and be able to absorb it. Just make sure that you won’t try to consume too much CBD and take proper dosages as it might have a different effect on your body.

David Smith