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How Much CBD Should You Take To Manage Stress?


You may be wondering what stress is, considering so many people complain about ‘being stressed out’ all the time. Stress is your body’s defense mechanism to a situation wherein your ‘flight-or-fight’ physiological response is triggered by some factors. 

When you’re under a lot of stress, this means you’re being affected by the constant presence of ‘stressors’ or things that ‘trigger’ your body’s defense mechanism. Constant exposure to stress can be harmful to you in the long run, so it’s always best to seek ways to relieve stress when you can. With a bunch of activities and a stressful day, it is important for us to take a good sleep gummy, and easily fall asleep at night.

You may now be wondering: ‘Can CBD address my stress levels so that I feel calmer?’ The answer is: yes, CBD can make your life less stressful and may allow you to relax and calm down. This depends, of course, on how much CBD you take to lower stress here, is a fun article that will be helpful: https://royalcbd.com/hemp-gummies-vs-cbd-gummies/

How Do You Know You’re Under Stress?

You’ll know when you’re under stress when you feel considerable anxiety and fear due to a ‘trigger’ that came into the picture. This trigger can be a person, a situation, a thing, or even a place; you associate these factors with your feelings of severe anxiety and fear.

For example, if you’re a college student, you have to write many essays and papers as part of your school requirements. If you feel heart palpitations since your paper is due and you haven’t finished it yet, that’s a signal that you’re under a lot of stress. You might also start avoiding certain people that you have associated with that fear, such as your college professor. You could also try to find excuses to avoid going to the faculty room even if your paper is due already because that place is your trigger.

When left untreated, stress can wreck your life. Some people may even lose their jobs since they find it hard to cope with the stress that comes with employment. You might drop out of school altogether if the stress has overwhelmed you. Your family can also be affected by your inability to cope with stress.

Fortunately, you may try dosing with CBD to address your reaction to stress. Though CBD is not a cure-all substance, there are some studies attesting to CBD’s ability to relieve stress. You just need to figure out how much CBD dose is appropriate for you.

Recommended Dosage of CBD to Relieve Stress

If you’ve never taken CBD before, you may consult your doctor about it to have their opinion first. Explain to them that the symptoms of stress are overwhelming you so you’d like to try CBD to relieve your stress. 

When you’re trying to reduce your stress, you may want to take a small dose at the start. This is important so that you can ‘test the waters’ first just to see how your body reacts to the product. If you don’t seem allergic to that small dose, ask your doctor if you can increase your dosage after some time.

When you’re trying to find the correct dosage of CBD, it’s important to be patient because you need to see how your body absorbs the product over a short period of time. Refrain from arbitrarily taking bigger and bigger doses of CBD since this could harm you. After all, CBD is a fairly new substance and self-medicating can be quite risky.

There are clinical studies on human test subjects that relied on a dosage range of 20 mg to 1,500 mg of CBD per day, per person. Based on those studies, this seems to be a safe range. By considering your bodyweight range and the severity of your symptoms of stress, you can ask your doctor if that’s safe for you.

How To Avoid Overdosing on CBD

When taking CBD to fight stress off, you need to bear in mind that it’s possible to overdose on CBD. This may happen when you ignore your doctor’s advice. Remember, no one is sure how much CBD is safe to take and for how long the product should be taken, yet.

This means that you should monitor your CBD dosage by keeping a strict record when using a specific CBD product. Take note of the size of each dosage and what you observed about yourself after taking that dose. You should present your journal to your doctor during each consultation. That way, you and your doctor will be able to analyze the CBD treatment regimen for its apparent effectiveness against stress.

You should also refrain from taking multiple CBD products at the same time. Not only is that expensive but it may harm you. This means trying out one CBD product only at a time and then discussing the effects with your doctor–not to mix an edible CBD product treatment program with a topical CBD product application. You need to separate their treatment schedule since you’re still trying to find the right amount of CBD to address your stress symptoms.

You should also avoid using ‘hearsay’ as your basis for using CBD. Some people become curious about CBD because a close friend or family member said it worked for their own stress symptoms. That’s not a bad thing, but don’t use that as your basis for setting a CBD dosage to address your stress. What worked for one person might be contraindicated for another person. That’s precisely why you should talk to your doctor before you start buying CBD products for yourself.

Final Takeaway

Based on studies done on rodents and in certain studies involving human patients, CBD shows potential as an anti-stress product. However, you shouldn’t consider it as a stress cure-all since there’s no evidence of that yet. There are a lot of testimonials but these aren’t conclusive enough to be deemed ‘proof.’

If you have done your research, you may be able to present data about certain CBD products to your doctor. Your research may show some evidence that your specific stress-related anxiety can indeed be addressed by using those CBD products. This will be very helpful to you and your doctor so there’s a basis for putting you on a CBD dosage regimen for a limited time. 

There has to be a time limit because there’s no data yet to prove that CBD is safe to use for the long term. However, with your doctor’s help, you may be able to take CBD just to address your current episodes of anxiety until a more long-term solution can be found.

David Smith