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Cannabis Concentrates- Why They Should Be Next On Your Wishlist


When it comes to cannabis consumption, the sheer variety of products can bowl you over. You can start with the basic herb, try a tincture, nibble on an edible or slather on a topical. As if these conventional goodies aren’t enough, concentrates are the newest form you can try. Concentrates too come in different variants, from shatter to wax, budder, and sauce and you can try dabbing with them one after the other. There are several reasons why cannabis concentrates deserve to be on your wishlist. Let us highlight them for you.

Higher potency

Whether you do it for medicinal or recreational purposes, weed usage is all about potency. With smoking flower, you get around 10-25 percent THC while the potency level reaches 50-80 percent when you dab a concentrate. With these products, you consume terpenes and cannabinoids rather than the combustible plant matter. Obviously, you can expect more with less with a concentrated product.

Efficiency and economy

Higher potency translates into greater efficiency because a little goes a long way when it comes to getting high with dabbing. Moreover, you end up spending less as well even if the concentrated cost per gram is higher than the flower. Also, these products have a longer shelf-life as compared to weed flowers. The product stays good for months if you store it well enough.

Rapid relief

Concentrates are ideal for medical use as you need not wait long for the effects to set in when you are in pain or have an anxiety attack. That’s the last thing you would want to happen when you need quick help. Products such as crumble weed wax are acclaimed for providing instant relief that lasts as well. The higher potency is favorable as you need not go for high doses and can achieve the same level of relief with a smaller quantity of the product.

Easy on lungs

Compared to smoking the herb, dabbing a concentrate is far healthier because it is easy on the lungs. Smoking typically involves combustion, and even as you get rich vapor, it could irritate your lungs. Conversely, dabbing is a safer form of inhalation that steers clear of the downsides of combustion. You get incredible results without posing a risk to your pulmonary health in the long run.


If you want to be discreet about cannabis consumption, the choice of the right product and method can make all the difference. Concentrates are ideal from the discretion perspective as they aren’t as loud as the flower, and you can dab them without anyone around knowing. The aroma does not stick to your clothes and does not linger post-exhale as well. It dissipates relatively quickly because the products do not have much of the plant matter left in them.

If you haven’t tried a cannabis concentrate yet, you would want to do it sooner rather than later now that you understand all the benefits these products offer. Just make sure that you buy a quality product from a reputed seller. Also, know the basics of dabbing before you take a shot.

David Smith