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Dear Men, If You Want To Treat Women Better Here’s What You Can Do


To all men who want to treat women better, here is a list of things you can do to be a better man.

1. Don’t talk over women.

2. If you hear another man talking over women, stop him and say, “Hey, she was speaking.”

3. Don’t call women overly emotional or crazy.

4. Never touch women you don’t know, and if you feel the need to, you should ask yourself why that is happening.

5. Refuse the sport or the activity if you are asked to be on a team or a panel where all the participants are men.

6. Don’t use ‘feminism’ to gain women’s trust. Show your ‘feminism’ on day-to-day life, don’t be vocal about it only on social media.

7. If you want women to respect you – respect them as well.

8. If you feel like the woman you’re dealing with owes you something, guess what? She doesn’t owe you anything.

9. ‘NO’ means ‘NO.’

10. If a woman is not interested in texting or going out with you – back off.

11. Never send nude pictures to a woman unless she asks you to.

12. Give women salary as much as you give men.

13. Stop making misogynistic jokes.

14. Don’t assume things about women’s abilities, intelligence, or character based solely on their choice of clothes.

15. When you do the right thing, don’t expect an applause for being baseline decent.

16. When you are called out on your bullsh*t, don’t get defensive.

17. Stop expecting women to be ‘cute’ or ‘nice’ and get angry the moment they speak up.

18. Apologize when you f*ck things up with a woman.

19. If you witness a man being horrible and abusive towards a woman – do something!

20. Use your inherent power to build women up instead of bringing them down, especially in front of other men.

21. Don’t use your “masculine power” to get a woman’s attention.

Finally, don’t read this list and think that these things don’t apply to you. Practice them daily if you want to become a man worthy of respect.

Mary Wright