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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Actor Will Give $714 Million To Charity


If you had $714 million at your disposal, what would you do with it? Perhaps you’d buy a new house, buy a car, travel, or spend it all on luxury items. Understandably, that’s what most people would do when faced with a lump sum as large as that. However, there are still some people out there who don’t see the point in spending their riches on themselves.

One such person is well-known Chinese actor, Chow Yun-Fat. Instead of splashing his cash, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actor will give $714 million to charity.

No Need for Riches

In a recent interview with Jayne Stars, Chow Yun-fat spoke about his life, his net worth, and his current lifestyle. He’s amassed a fortune for himself during his successful career, according to the interview. Despite that, he maintains a humble lifestyle.

Although you may think someone with this amount of money would live a life of luxury with mansions, expensive cars, and designer watches, Chow Yun-fat prefers not to. In fact, the actor tries to keep his personal spending under $100 every month. He does this in an attempt to keep his personal spending low.

Likewise, he doesn’t buy any expensive items for himself. Although he bought a new smartphone for himself 2 years ago, he only did so because his old phone has broken – a Nokia which he had kept for over 17 years.

In addition to that, he only buys clothes at discount stores and opts for public transport too.

Giving Back

Several years ago, Chow Yun-fat and his wife, Jasmin Tan, decided that they wanted to give back to people in need. To do that, they established their own charity organization. However, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star decided it was time to take his acts of goodwill one step further.

That’s when he decided that he would donate his entire fortune to different charities. Although that may sound like an extreme step, the actor has stated that the money in his bank account doesn’t feel like his. In his opinion, he’s just holding onto it for the time being.

Health Over Wealth

Most people may have a hard time wrapping their heads around why this actor won’t spend his money on himself. However, Chow Yun-fat feels that money isn’t a real source of happiness for him. He has said that life isn’t about how much money you earn, it’s about living a simple life, finding a peaceful mindset, and being carefree.

Instead of focusing on material wealth, Chow Yun-fat chooses to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. He often takes part in activities such as hiking and jogging. Along with that, fans have spotted him jogging several times and he has even stopped to take photographs with them.

There are a lot of extremely wealthy celebrities out their today. However, they choose to hold onto their money and spend it on luxurious items and a life of excess. Despite that, there are actors out there, such as Chow Yun-fat, who choose to use their money differently. For them, giving to charity is the best choice that they can make.

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