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Creative People Are Not Only Great Visionaries, They Are Self-Critical Too

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Creative people are those gems that enrich our lives with their wit and charisma.

Here are some puzzling paradoxes of creative people we thought you should know:

1. Creative people gravitate around productivity and fun, responsibility and irresponsibility. The reason for this is that art cannot be forced. There should be a certain playfulness around it, but it also requires a meticulous grasp of strong work ethic.

2. Most creative people display signs of being both introverted and extroverted. They can maintain a good balance between the two extremes, unlike other people who gravitate towards only one of the two.

3. Art for art’s sake and creation for creation’s sake. A lot of creative geniuses love to create for the mere pleasure of creating something beautiful and artistic. The paradox here is that they find inspiration in pain and suffering even though they are compassionate and sensitive in nature.

4. Creative people have a skillful way of blending conformity with non-conformity, for one cannot exist without the other.

5. Most creative people have tremendous physical energy but are often quiet. They constantly come up with new ideas. And they like to work at night and in a quiet place.

6. Creative people are great visionaries and have a vividly ingenious imagination, which actually stems from their deep-seated sense of reality. So, reality is the fuel of creative people – it’s how their imagination is set into motion.

7. Creative people love their work and they are very much attached to it, yet, they remain objective and self-critical of their work all the time.

With all this in mind, who could resist the charms of a creative person?

Nora Connel