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Compliments Are Nice, But When Someone Loves Your Personality – That’s The Real Thing

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How do you know you love someone? How do you know someone loves you? If you are not sure, here are some real people’s experiences that tell the moment they knew that their partner truly loves them.

1. “Every morning before he goes to work, he loads the dishwasher and puts away the toys so when we wake up, we have a nice clean house to start the day with.” — Sarah B.

2. “My fiancé keeps a hair tie in his pocket because he started noticing I always forget! Whenever he sees one, he always sticks it in his pocket for later when I inevitably forget to bring one when we go out.” — Leah W.

3. “He warms my side of the bed for me before I come to bed.”Cathrine L.

4. “He makes me dinner every night. 12 years strong.” —Katy A.

5. “I have night terrors and PTSD and he stays up so I can fall asleep first so I know I’m safe.”Taye S.

6. “My husband died suddenly when he was 48. What I miss the most about him was when he made me coffee, he heated the cup first so it didn’t cool off quickly because he knew how much I love hot, hot coffee.” — Jacque C.

7. “He lets me sleep in and brings me bacon sandwiches in bed when I’ve been out till 6 a.m. on a girls’ night out.” — Ze N.

8. “He takes allergy medication as part of his morning routine. I’ve recently started suffering from allergies but I’m way too forgetful to include in my routine, so every time he takes his pill after breakfast, he brings an extra upstairs to me as I put on my makeup. It’s silly but it warms my heart every single time.” — Renee C.

9. “I love Snickers and salted caramel. Whenever he goes to the market, he always comes back with either a Snickers or salted caramel snack. It doesn’t matter what day or occasion, I know whenever he looks at a Snickers he thinks of me and gets me one just to see me smile.” — Laura C.

10. “He doesn’t allow company over on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ nights because that’s my favorite show.”Crystal L.

11. “If my fiancé can tell that I’m upset by something I don’t want to talk about, he makes me food, cuddles me on the couch and watches stupid shows and documentaries with me until I finally talk to him about what’s bothering me.” — Rebekkah A.

12. “He carries band-aids if we go out on the town because he knows my shoes will start to chafe!”Ashleigh M.

13. “My fiancé has to get up pretty early to get ready for work but he makes a point to wake up 15 to 20 minutes earlier than he needs to so he can get back into bed and cuddle with me before he leaves for the day. He does this every morning even if I don’t wake up to realize it.” — Heather M.

14. “He has texted me every day at 4 p.m since the day we met. It’s always something sweet just to brighten my day.” — Terri H.

15. “My husband Nick cleans the hair out of the shower drain for me because it makes me gag.”Mahina H.

16. “He takes the bus so I can go to work by car.” — Audrey B.

17. “He runs errands after work, like picking up my prescriptions, so I can come right home and not worry about it.” — Ali E.

What do you think? Do these things speak ‘love’ to you? What’s the most loving thing that your partner has done for you? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

Mary Wright