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Commitments Should Mean Something – You Can’t Just Half-Ass Them And Call Yourself A Good Person


Promises should mean something. Commitments should mean something.

Even if you have been together with someone for a month or a week. You shouldn’t treat a human person like they are disposable. They are not your back up plan. You cannot be “committed” to someone from Monday to Friday, and then act single on the weekend.

When you make a commitment to someone, it means that you make a promise to stay with them and build a relationship together. It means that you are willing to work on your problems because you care about them. It also means that you are willing to make them your top priority.

If you are an half-asser, then I don’t think you should be in a committed relationship. You can continue dating around, but you can’t make a promise to someone and call them ‘your person’ if you are not able to stay true to your word. You cannot call someone your boyfriend/girlfriend and then flirt with strangers (or cheat!). A committed partner and a player don’t go hand in hand. You can’t be both.

Because being committed means giving your all because your partner deserves the best of you. You cannot give someone scraps and call it love. You must give all of you to call it a commitment.

Being committed means telling each other everything. It means being best friends. It means meeting friends and family. It means going on interesting dates. It means being adventurous together. It means being romantic. It means to be partners, in good and bad.

Commitments require a lot of work. And if you are not prepared to do the work and offer someone the real thing, then you better stay single.

Because it’s not okay to half-ass a relationship. It’s not okay to half-ass anything for that purpose, but especially relationships and promises that we make to other human beings.

If you are in it, you should be in it for real. No slacking. No getting lazy. No half-assing.

If you are better off single, then that’s okay. It’s your choice. But, it’s not okay to give someone hope and hurt their feelings by stringing them along until someone better comes in.

Commitment means you want only your partner. It means your feelings for them are real. It means you are willing to give your best and make your relationship last forever.

Stay single if you want to. But don’t lie to someone about your feelings. Don’t tell someone you love them and want to be with them if you are not prepared to do it the real way.

Commit when you are ready or don’t commit at all. But never half-ass anything. Because no one likes half-assers anyway.

Mary Wright