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Colors Have A Power To Change Your Relationship And Make It Better. Use Them Wisely.


Colors can influence our mood and affect our choices. This is known to retailers who use color psychology as a means to market their brands and influence consumers to buy them. For example, the color red that is associated with excitement and passion is used to signal sales.

Color psychology can be applied to everything, even to relationships. If you want to make your partner fall in love with you, open up to you, or make your relationship more fun and interesting, well, there are colors that can do just that.

Different colors trigger different mental and emotional responses in a person. You can literally telegraph messages of attraction and love just by picking the right color.

Here are 7 ways you can use colors to improve your relationship, according to experts.

1. Green is used for healing and processing.

Even though green is popularly known as the color of envy, it can help you heal your past wounds and look towards the future. It is a color that can transform a relationship and help you process the feelings you have for your partner while making you feel calm and peaceful.

2. Tan and cream will help you and your partner start fresh.

If you and your partner have gone through hard times, tan and cream can help you through the difficulties and start fresh. These colors are friendly and approachable, and they can help you and your partner understand each other more.

3. Magenta and pink will make you more tender and affectionate towards each other.

The color pink is associated with gentleness, tenderness, and softness. Pink is a color that will make you and your partner more affectionate and loving towards one another. It can also make your relationship more balanced and secure.

4. Purple is very calming.

Purple is the color of loyalty and peace. It is an excellent color for your bedroom as it will help you connect more with your partner. It will also inspire more intimate conversations between you and it will manifest love into your life.

5. Blue will open up the communication between you two and inspire honesty.

Maybe blue is not the first color that comes to your mind when you think about attraction, but this color is great for building intimacy in relationships. It represents communication, openness, and honesty. It is also a symbol of depth, loyalty, and trust that are the essentials for building a strong and healthy relationship.

6. Red brings out the sexier side of your relationship.

Red is passion, intensity, attraction, love, and desire. This hot color resembles vitality, energy, excitement, and confidence. Therefore, if you want to bring all this into your relationship then wear red!

7. Yellow and orange environments will give you the best date.

These two colors are perfect for a date night because are very lively and inspire some memorable conversations. Whether you choose a yellow outfit, or you choose a restaurant that has these colors – you can’t go wrong.

Mary Wright