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15 Things You Must Know Before Falling In Love With A Sarcastic Woman


1. She’ll always mess with you. She is only playful. Don’t take it seriously. Just take the joke and maybe throw it back.

2. She remembers everything. Because she wants to keep her joke bank full. She notices everything and she remembers everything. That time you fell outside the grocery store or that silly picture of you in sixth grade wearing a dress? Yes, she knows it all.

3. Her mean comments are her way of showing you love and affection. If she calls you an asshole, you are a lucky guy.

4. If you don’t know whether she is joking or not, always assume that she is joking. The default mode of her is sarcastic.

5. She comes off as arrogant and cocky, but that’s only a façade. Her sarcastic and bitchy attitude can come off as she being cocky, but that’s not true. She knows she is not infallible, but she will be the confident lady that she is. Always.

6. Inside, she has a soft heart. Her sarcasm comes from all the layers of deep feelings that she has. She is a deep and soft woman, but she won’t show her true nature easily.

7. If she ignores you at first and doesn’t talk to you, that means she likes you. She won’t shower you with attention like you are used to. She won’t make you feel like a king in front of a group of people. But, you’ll know she loves you when she says ‘I hate you.’

8. Her ‘I hate you’ means ‘I love you.’

9. She will sometimes say something sincere, but you probably won’t notice because you’ll think she is being sarcastic. And she will immediately regret it because you haven’t taken her seriously.

10. She wants you to learn to take a playful hit. She will occasionally slap you or hit you with a good joke. Learn to take it. The better you take it, the more she will love you.

11. She may say something mean and she will regret it immediately. She just can’t stop being sarcastic.

12. She has something in her eye. Every time her eyes fill with tears, she will tell you that there’s something in her eye because she cannot explain what the salty and watery substance is.

13. She is bad at making moves. She just hopes you will see right through her sarcasm that she likes you and make the first move.

14. She plays it cool but deep down she is very emotional. She is not an insensitive robot. Yes, she likes to joke around and play it cool, but she has feelings as every human being.

15. Finally, if you fall in love with a sarcastic woman, you’ve fallen in love with a loving, affectionate, and sensitive lady. Congratulations!

Mary Wright