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5 Sure Signs That Show A Leo Woman Is Done With You

when leo woman is done with you

How Do You Know If A Leo Woman Is Losing Interest?

The Leo woman is independent, bold, driven, and confident. She knows what she wants in life and how to get it. She may have a hard time admitting her mistakes and failures, but she is a real fighter that never gives up no matter what challenges and problems life might throw her way.

When it comes to her romantic relationships, the Leo woman is fiercely loyal. She commits to her partner. She loves purely, unconditionally, and passionately. However, being with a Leo woman is not always easy. She has high standards and can have high expectations regarding her partner’s behavior and qualities. She has a fierce nature and has the ability to make her partner face things they’re not comfortable with. She also values her personal liberty and won’t let anyone, including her partner, compromise that.

The Leo woman knows how to balance her love life and career, so she’ll never let her relationship prevent her from pursuing her goals, chasing her dreams, and getting into life where she wants to be.

The Leo woman has firm boundaries and sticks to them even in her romantic relationships. She knows how she deserves to be treated in a relationship and will never allow herself to tolerate someone’s lack of respect, irresponsibility, fickleness, let alone lies.

So, if you’re in a relationship with a Leo woman, and you’ve noticed that she’s recently started behaving differently around you, you’ve probably thought at some point that she might be losing interest in you. Well, here are 6 telltale signs you’re right about this – your Leo woman is losing interest in you.

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1. She No Longer Respects You

Any healthy and successful relationship is built upon a foundation of mutual respect. So, if mutual respect used to be an inseparable part of your relationship, but now it appears as if your Leo woman couldn’t care less about treating you with respect, this is a major red flag.

When a Leo woman is in love, she’s the best partner anyone can ever have. She’s kind, caring, affectionate, and treats her partner with respect.

So, if the Leo woman you’re in a relationship with no longer respects your opinions and emotional needs or is even verbally abusive, this is a sure sign she’s losing interest in you and is probably considering the idea of leaving you.

2. She Becomes Lazy

As we already said, the Leo woman is an ambitious person that will never allow her relationships to affect her ambitions and career. But if your relationship doesn’t make her feel happy and fulfilled anymore, she may become lethargic and lazy. She may lack the motivation to pursue her goals and get better in her career. This lethargy and lack of motivation and interest are actually a reflection of her feelings for you and your relationship.

3. She Acts Conceited

When a Leo woman is losing interest in you, she’ll become aloof and arrogant. She may even think that you aren’t worth her attention and time anymore, which can cause her to be highly judgmental about your flaws and mistakes and have a negative attitude towards you.

So, if she used to love spending time with you, was always supportive of you, and didn’t criticize you for your insecurities and imperfections, but she’s recently become conceited and distant, this may be a sign that she’s gradually losing interest in you.

4. She Avoids Spending Time With You

Once a Leo woman loses interest in you and in maintaining your relationship, she’ll begin spending less time with you. She may even start avoiding answering your calls and texts on time.

So, if you can notice that the Leo woman you’re currently dating enjoys spending time with her girlfriends more than with you and is trying to distance herself from you, take this as a sign that she’s no longer interested in you.

5. She Is Irritable And Hostile

If you can notice that she often leaves your conversations unfinished, changes the topic of discussion whenever you try to talk to her about the status of your relationship, gets easily irritable around you, and uses every opportunity that might arise to start an argument with you over insignificant things, this a clear sign she’s losing interest in you.

6. She Is Impatient

When a Leo woman loses interest in the man she’s dating, she’ll become impatient. She’ll constantly nag him about his insecurities, fears, mistakes, and failures. She’ll even criticize him for things she used to love about him. And she’ll constantly pick fights over insignificant stuff.

So, if this is how the Leo woman you’re dating is treating you, it’s likely she’s losing interest in you.

And now, let’s see how you know that the fierce Leo woman is done with you.

How Do You Tell If A Leo Woman Is Over You?

1. She Complains Without A Reason

When a Leo woman is in love with someone, she accepts and appreciates them for who they are, with all their weaknesses and imperfections. She doesn’t criticize or nag them about their annoying habits, whims, insecurities, or failures.

But when a Leo woman is done with someone, she can’t stop complaining about things she’d otherwise overlook. For example, she can make you feel like you’re less or like whatever you do for her is never good enough. She can be harsh and make you feel like a total loser. So, if you’re currently in a relationship with a woman born under this zodiac sign and you can notice that this is the way she’s treating you, take this as a sign that she’s over you and preparing to leave you.

2. She Isn’t Excited About Your Relationship Anymore

One common sign that shows a Leo woman is over you is if you can notice that she’s no longer excited about being with you. If she once enjoyed spending time with you and devoting her attention to you, that’s over now.

Perhaps she is no longer in love with you. Or perhaps she’s noticed that she’s no longer the center of your world and that she’s last on your list of priorities. Whatever the reason may be, when a Leo woman is over you, she’ll stop paying attention to you. She’ll try to occupy herself with other things and focus her attention on other people.

3. She’s No Longer Flirting With You

The Leo woman is affectionate and passionate. She likes seducing and flirting with the person she loves. So, if you can notice that she isn’t playful and flirtatious in the relationship anymore, that’s not a good sign.

If a Leo woman does not bother flirting with you anymore, that’s a sign she’s already lost interest in you and in keeping the passion and spark between you alive. And it’s most probably a sign that she’s done with you.

4. But She’s Interested In Flirting With Other Guys

When a Leo woman is done with you, she feels free and confident to flirt with someone else other than you. She’ll flirt with others without feeling any guilt or remorse. She may also stop asking you to join her when she goes out with her friends in order to spend less time with you.

So, if you can notice that your Leo woman doesn’t invite you to join her with her BFFs, she often makes excuses why she can’t spend time with you, and she spends more time with her friends than you, this may be a telltale sign she’s over you. Since when a Leo woman is truly in love with you, she’ll move mountains to make time for you.

5. She’ll Tell You She’s Over You Directly

Leo women are brutally honest. They don’t like to keep quiet when something is bothering them. And they certainly don’t like sugarcoating things and beating around the bush.

So, when a Leo woman knows that she’s done with you and ready to move on with her life, she’ll tell you that directly, and no matter what you do, you won’t make her change her mind about it. Because when a Leo woman still loves and cares about someone, she’ll do everything in her power to make things work. She’ll try to save the relationship in every way that she can and keep her man. She’ll be willing to give him a second chance, too, if she believes that he deserves it. But once she is done, oh, my friend, she’s really done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When You Hurt A Leo Woman?

Should you hurt a Leo woman, you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. The Leo woman is confident, has high self-esteem, and is perfectly aware of how she deserves to be treated in a relationship. This means she’ll never tolerate being disrespected or manipulated or being treated like a second option. So, if you hurt her, unless she feels you deserve another chance, she’ll leave you for good.

However, not all Leo women are the same. So, here are the most common behaviors you can expect a Leo woman to show if you hurt her:

  • She’ll call you out on your behavior and let you know what behaviors she doesn’t and will never tolerate.
  • But, she may also give you the silent treatment. She’ll avoid talking to you in person and ignore your calls and texts. However, once she’s ready to talk to you and discuss your problems, she won’t hesitate to reach out to you.
  • She may lose her trust in you.
  • She’ll spend more time with her family or friends because they’re her greatest support system. They can help her look at your relationship problems more objectively and make a wise decision regarding whether she still wants to be in a relationship with you.
  • She can become verbally abusive. If you hurt her really bad, expect her to criticize you harshly and even insult you.
  • If you truly messed up, she won’t be ashamed to get dramatic, yell at you, and even shed a tear or two if you’ve really hurt her.
  • If she knows you hurt her feelings unintentionally, she’ll forgive you rather than hold grudges against you.

How Do You Get A Leo Woman To Chase You Again?

As we already said, the Leo woman is confident and strong, has a fiery personality, and knows how she wants to be treated in a relationship. However, when a Leo woman is in love, she fights for her relationship with every fiber of her being. She goes out of her way to protect what she has and nurture the relationship. But once her heart gets broken and she realizes there’s no point in forgiving and fighting for the relationship, she’ll end it for good. However, if she’s still in love and knows her partner deserves a second chance, she’ll be more than willing to forgive them.

So, if you’ve recently broken up with a Leo woman but you still love her and are looking for ways to make her chase you again, know that succeeding in this might not be that easy. Anyways, the Leo woman is one of a kind and worth every effort. So, in what follows, we’ve presented 9 ways you can get a Leo woman to chase you again.

1. Apologize To Her When You Know You’re In The Wrong

The Leo woman highly appreciates honest, mature, and responsible men. So, if you know you’ve made a mistake or said or did something that hurt her feelings, offer her your most sincere apology. Don’t doubt she’ll like you even more because of this.

2. Give Her A Romantic Surprise

The Leo woman may seem tough on the outside, but in fact, she’s one of the most romantic individuals you’ll ever get to meet. The Leo woman enjoys being wooed with simple romantic gestures.

So, send a bouquet of her favorite flowers to her office in the morning so that she can start the day thinking about you. Or send her a cute love text in which you’ll express your love for her and tell her how much she means to you. These small gestures might appear insignificant, but they can mean a lot to the Leo woman.

3. Show Her That She’s The Center Of Your World

Let her know that there’s no other woman in your life. Let her know she’s the only one who occupies a special place in your heart and you’re utterly loyal to her. The more you show her how much she means to you, the more she’ll want to be with you.

4. Ask Her How She Feels

Some Leo women have a hard time opening up to others, including their partners. So, if you notice that the Leo woman you’re trying to get to chase you seems worried or has been acting in a different way lately, ask her how she feels, what is bothering her, and if there’s anything she’d like the two of you to talk about. The more you show her that you care about her and her feelings, the more she’ll like you, even more than she did before.

5. Give Her Sincere Compliments

All ladies want to be given compliments. Of course, if the person giving them is sincere. So, when you’re around her, give her compliments about her strong personality, achievements, intellect, or looks, but make sure you do that sincerely since if you don’t, she’ll know that you’re flattering her just for the sake of gaining her attention.

6. Plan An Adventurous Date

Leo women love adventures. So why not suggest that the two of you do something spontaneous – something she’s never done with you before? Take her to a new restaurant, a national park, or ice skating. Plan a weekend getaway. Or suggest going hiking in the mountains or camping. The more you show her how hard you’re trying to win her love, the more she’ll want to get back together with you.

7. Don’t Forget To Spoil Her Once In A While

It’s not like you have to take her out to expensive restaurants or buy her pricey pieces of jewelry every week. But you can afford to do that occasionally, right?

You don’t need to empty your bank account. But try to act like a real gentleman once in a while. A Leo woman loves to be treated like a true lady and doesn’t doubt that she’ll appreciate every effort you make.

8. Listen To Her Attentively When She Talks

Once you get the opportunity to talk to your Leo woman, make sure you use it wisely by closely listening to her while she’s talking to you. Don’t interrupt her. Don’t ask her silly questions. Instead, show that you’re truly interested in what she has to say. Let her know her words have a meaning for you. Let her talk to you about whatever she wants. The more you can make her feel heard, the more she’ll respect you, and the higher your chances of getting back together with her.

9. Give Her Space

The Leo woman doesn’t like being smothered. So, although you may be tempted to text and call her several times a day, don’t do that. Instead, let her have some space to figure out whether she still wants you to be a part of her life. By giving her space, you’ll also cause her to miss you more.

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How Do You Make A Leo Woman Regret Losing You?

Your Leo woman broke up with you and now you’re wondering how to make her regret that decision? Here are some tips on how you can do that:

  • Instead of chasing her all the time, spend more time with your buddies and make new friends. Let her know that you’re popular and self-sufficient and that you have other relationships you need to prioritize as well.
  • Be confident. Leo women are attracted to independent, strong men. So, if you show her that you’re aware of all your qualities and worth, this will make her fantasize about being with you and forming that beautiful, powerful couple she’s always longed for.
  • Be ambitious, set high goals for yourself, and put in the effort to achieve them. In this way, you’ll show her that you’re driven and capable of achieving so many wonderful things by yourself. This will make her think about all the great things you could’ve achieved together.
  • Give her space. This will cause her to wonder why you’ve stopped fighting for her and miss the attention she used to receive from you. And if she contacts you first, this is a sure sign she’s beginning to regret losing you.

Why Do Leos Lie So Much?

People born under the zodiac sign of Leo aren’t really known as liars because they’re brutally honest and can’t stand lying or being lied to. However, if the Leo feels a little bit insecure, they might share a couple of white lies with you to protect their ego. Additionally, it’s easy to catch a Leo lying, no matter how good they think they are at this. For example, if you have a Leo friend and you notice they get fidgety, act strange, and avoid making eye contact, take this as a sure sign they’re pulling your leg.

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