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Brutal Honesty Can Hurt, But It’s Better Than Sweet Lies

lies and honesty

Sometimes, hearing the truth, especially when it’s bitter and brutal, can break our hearts. Some people say that they want to hear the truth regardless of how painful it is, but when they do hear it, they are also left hurt and brokenhearted.

The truth hurts, even if it’s about something small and insignificant, like that hair color doesn’t look good on you, or you gained weight. That’s why we often find ourselves in a position to lie to someone just to escape telling them the truth and hurting their feelings.  

However, even when it hurts, honesty is always the best policy. Because when a person knows the truth, they can change for the better or make the right decision.

A lie, on the other hand, can make a person feel better for a moment, but it can be just as hurtful as the bitterness of the truth. A serious lie causes more harm than good in the long run. And while an innocent white lie is sometimes harmless, a big lie can literally destroy a person’s life and their feelings.

The liar, of course, feels more comfortable lying than having someone get mad at them for telling the truth. However, even though they may think that they have solved the problem, usually this doesn’t end well. In other words, the other person may find out the truth and everyone would end up feeling uncomfortable and bad in the end.

Finally, there are times when silence is the best option. Keeping your mouth shut can sometimes save you from unwanted troubles.

In the end, there is no right answer to the silence-truth dilemma because it all depends on the situation. And whatever you choose, please make sure you think things through before you decide to lie, tell the truth, or stay silent.

Mary Wright