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Break The Ice! 3 Amazing Techniques On How To Start A Conversation With Anyone


Starting a conversation with someone you like can be really tough for many reasons. From feeling afraid and anxious about being rejected to not being prepared to what you want to say, for some it could be really difficult to make a great first impression.

Because beyond all this is the ‘power’ you give to the other person in letting them know that you like them. That’s why women often prefer to motivate the guys to approach them, and that’s also why many men refuse to do so.

Here are 3 amazing and persuasive techniques that will help you to start a conversation while keeping your power at the same time.


Most first conversations go wrong because we are trying to impress the other person. We are trying to grab the attention of the other person by talking about ourselves. But this is a wrong approach because by doing so, we are opening ourselves to being judged and evaluated by the other person.

So, you need to turn this situation the other way around! Instead of talking about you, make the conversation about them. Be the one who judges and evaluates them by asking them questions. And most importantly, try not to look at them as they are perfect. Rather, be skeptical about everything they do and say.

In this way, you have the full control over the situation. But, don’t forget to be a little flirty in the process. 😉


This technique is known as a Ben Franklin effect. According to this phenomenon, people tend to like someone more when they do something for them. In other words, when the other person does you a favor, they will start to like you more.

So, instead of investing in them, let them invest in you. Start by making small requests. Say something like, “Can you hold my jacket?” or “Could you grab me a drink?” Any small favor will do the trick.


This is another great strategy for breaking the ice. By simply making a statement and not expecting a response in return puts you in a powerful position. Because, you don’t try to make a conversation, you are just making a statement and expressing your opinion.

Say something like, “This is a great place” or “This place has the most delicious cheeseburgers.” If the other party is interested, they will continue the conversation and will say something in return. If they are not, it is not the end of the world because you just made a statement.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Share your experience with us.  

Mary Wright


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