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Bored? Check The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Museums, Digital Archives And E-Learning

Bored? Check The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Museums, Digital Archives And E-Learning

Hey, I know how it feels. It’s been day seven since my quarantine and even though I am doing my best to keep myself entertained, I think I’m slowly losing my mind. I folded my clothes, rearranged my room, cleaned all the house, experimented with a few recipes that I’ve been wanting to try for a while, watched every movie and series on my IMDB watch list and I finally got some quality sleep.

But I’m officially out of things to do…

So, I did a little research on the internet. And guess what I’ve found?

I, my friends found a treasure.

Museums, universities, libraries, and galleries across the world have officially closed their doors to visitors due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but opened their virtual gates to all of us, offering online access to all of the treasures they hold.

Image: V21 Artspace

If you are already bored, you can now go on a virtual tour in some of the world’s iconic museums or take a Harward course about something that you’ve been interested in for a very long time. It’s all free, folks.

So, what are you waiting for?


Smithsonian Learning Lab

MoMA Learning

Free Online courses at Harward

Speed Art Museum: At-home art-making videos

The Field Museum: The Brain Scoop (YouTube)

North Carolina Museum of Art: Learn, (collections, videos, curriculum)

Sketchfab: 3D Models (link goes to cultural-specific search)

The Hammer: Contemporary Art programs, (YouTube)

Royal Albert Memorial Museum: Exeter Time Trail (Interactive timeline)

Les Fruits de Mer: Activities, books, films about Caribbean wildlife

Museum of Early Trade and Crafts: Recipes, Games, Coloring Pages, etc.

Museum Strathroy-Cardoc: Sydenham River Discovery online exhibit (Flash)

Denver Art Museum: Artist videos

Thomas Cole National Historic Site: Videos

Virginia Museum of History & Culture: Lecture series videos

Better World Museum: Draw Together in VR, Bob Ross-style videos

Discover XR: The Future of Social Media & Online Learning (YouTube)

KaiXR: Free Museum VR Field Trips (no VR gear needed)

HistoryView.org: Virtual Reality Tours

Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum: Activities, Coloring Pages

Paleontological Research Institution: Resources for Families, K-12 Students, College Students



Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford: Virtual Tour

Dalí Theatre-Museum, Catalonia: Virtual Tour

The Vatican: 360-degree Museum Tours

The Palace Museum: The Forbidden City, China, 360-degree Virtual Tour

Hallwyl Museum, Stockholm: VR Tour

Byzantine and Christian Virtual Museum: Virtual Tour

The Louvre, Paris: Virtual Tour

Vatican Museums: Virtual Tours

The Hermitage, Russia: Virtual Tour (YouTube)

Westminster Abbey, London: Virtual Tour

Canadian Museum of History: Virtual Tour

The Science Museum, London: Shipping Galleries Virtual Tour

Museum of Flight: Virtual Tour

Florence as it Was: 3D models of Florentine buildings, artworks, and squares

The Kremer Museum: VR Tour

Mexican National Institute of Anthropology & History: Virtual Tours (Flash)

National Museum of Natural History, US: Virtual Tour

National Archaeological Museum, Spain: Virtual Museum

São Paolo Museum of Art: Virtual Tour

The Frick, Pittsburgh: Virtual tours, online collections, activities

Cranbrook Art Museum, Michigan: Exhibit Virtual Tours

American Battlefield Trust: 360-degree Battlefield Tours

National Museum of the Great Lakes: Virtual Tour

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello: Virtual Tour

George Washington’s Mount Vernon: Virtual Tours, timelines, etc.

Yellowstone National Park, US: Virtual Tours

Yosemite National Park, US: Virtual Tour

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum: Virtual Tour

Cliffe Castle Museum: Virtual Tour

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force: Virtual Tour

Arizona State Museum: Virtual Tour

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: Virtual Tour


Girl Museum: Online Exhibits

Virtual Migration Museum: Interactive Online Experience / App

JFK Library: “Moonshot” App and Online Interactive

Virtual Museum of Canada: Virtual Exhibits and Cultural Content

Museum of Ontario Archaeology: “History of Ste. Marie II” Online Exhibit

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Animal Live Cams

Canadian Museum of History: Online Exhibitions

Remembering Lincoln, Ford’s Theatre: Interactive online exhibit

M Woods, Beijing, China: Experimental Online Exhibition

Second Canvas Apps: 30 Museum Apps (Google Sheet)

Reina Sofía Museum Radio: Audiovisual resources; an acoustic museum experience

Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum

National Museum of the U.S. Navy

National Women’s History Museum



Google Arts & Culture: +2000 partners from +80 countries

Heritage on the Edge: A project of Google Arts & Culture

Europeana: 50,000,000 European works of art, books, music, and more

Smithsonian Open Access: Search 2.8 million images and 3D Models

ArtUK: Art collections from 3,200 UK organizations

Mexican Ministry of Culture: Short films, books, radio, paintings, from all cultural orgs

Memorica: Open access Mexican culture content portal

China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration: Virtual portal of 100 institutions

OpenGLAM: Aggregates 88 unique open collections

NASA Image & Video Library: All NASA content is in the public domain

DPLA: Digital Public Library of America

MIMO: Musical Instrument Museums Online (64,000+ instruments)

BioExplora: Natural science open collections portal (3D images, bio diversity)

Science Museum Group: Collections from five UK science museums (325,000+ objects)

York Museums Trust: Collections from various museums in Yorkshire, UK

Archaeological Analytics: Archaeological Open Access Collections

Digital Agnes: Canadian portal for curatorial research and online exhibitions

English Heritage: Variety of mediums of British content (Podcasts, videos, etc.)

Creative Commons: Aggregates all CC-licensed content and collections globally

Wikimedia Commons: Over 20,000,000 open images

Wikidata: “The Sum of all Paintings” metadata initiative via Wikimedia

GLAM Portals Google Search: Courtesy of Mia Ridge (context on her blog)

Open Culture Coloring Pages: 113 museum coloring books

Global Museum: Portal for museum news, jobs, and resources

V21ArtSpace: Over 100 exhibit virtual tours

Arte.tv: Cultural documentaries, films, and more.



Tate: Tate Kids (Games and quizzes, videos, kids’ art, etc.)

Metropolitan Museum of Art: MetKids

Exploratorium: Science Experiment “Snacks”

American Museum of Natural History: Ology science website for kids

Shedd Aquarium: Sea Curious- Kid Questions, Animal Answers (YouTube)

Glazer Children’s Museum: Online Activities

Children’s Museum of South Dakota: Recipes for Play

Suzhou Museum: Online Mini-Games

Pittsburgh Children’s Museum: The MAKESHOP Show (Makerspace Blog)

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Museum at Home

Long Island Children’s Museum: Play Outside Ideas

Norton Simon Museum: Art Projects for Kids (scroll to section)

The Kennedy Center: ArtsEdge, art education resources

Canadian Museum of Nature: Coloring Pages, Arctic, Garden, Dinosaurs

MCA Chicago: “Art Like Me” Culturally-Relevant Art Workbook for Kids

National Museum of Australia: “Fun at Home” DIY activities

Smarthistory: Source of history content for Khan Academy

Frist Kids: Art activities and videos

iCivics: Virtual games (free beginning with Covid-19)

International Association of Children in Museums: Coronavirus Guide



US National Archives Catalog

Library of Congress

The National Archives, UK

Trove: National Library of Australia images, books, newspapers, maps, etc.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Endangered Archives, British Library

Cambridge Digital Library

National Archives of Japan

Amsterdam City Archive

Louisiana Digital Library: 400,000+ digital items from archives, libraries, museums

Internet Archive: The Wayback Machine, digitized film, books, music, etc.

American Literature Portal, WikiSource

English Literature Portal, WikiSource

New York Public Library: 880,000+ digitized prints, manuscripts, videos, etc.

Villanova Digital Library

British Library of Illuminated Manuscripts

Arctos Database: Access to 3 million specimens and observations in 210 collections.

Source: Mcn.edu

Stephanie Reeds