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Besides Being Good For You, Crying Is Also A Sign Of Strength

Besides Being Good For You, Crying Is Also A Sign Of Weakness

In our culture, crying is usually perceived as a sign of weakness. But, this is just a misconception, and nothing else. Because crying is not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of strength. Mental strength.

In fact, did you know that crying is beneficial to your overall health? Crying is a healthy response to frustration and sadness. It’s a natural way to lower your stress, which if left unchecked can negatively affect your physical health.

If you aren’t still convinced that crying is good for you and that it’s a sign of strength, after reading the following 6 reasons, we’re sure this will change.

Here they are:

1. Crying improves your overall health.

Crying helps reduce depression and anxiety symptoms by reducing your manganese levels and releasing “feel-good” hormones, such as endorphin.

In addition to this, crying helps keep your eyes moist as well as clean as tears have antimicrobial properties which could even help lower risks posed by bioterror agents, like anthrax.

2. Crying enables you to release pent-up feelings.

Bottling up emotions just leads to an emotional breakdown or a heated argument with someone since you had to take out all the accumulated frustration on somebody. Both situations can inflict emotional damage on you in the long run.

So, the next time, you want to keep your tears from falling, please don’t do that. Instead, cry. Release your pent-up feelings. In this way, you’ll keep your nervous system in check and get rid of any unwanted, negative thoughts too.

3. Crying shows you’re not afraid to face your strong emotions.

Crying doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of handling life’s difficulties and challenges. Instead, it shows that you have the strength and determination to handle anything that life may throw your way, since you don’t try to run away from it.

So, when you release negative emotions and energy, this means that you allow them to run their course freely and that you allow yourself, too, to feel them the way they are.

4. You don’t care what other people think of you.

When you cry, you show your vulnerability. And we all know that it’s not easy to show that side of yourself.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we’re often discouraged from displaying strong emotions since it’ll make us look weak and unable to handle life.

So, crying without stopping to care about how others perceive you means that you’ve rejected all the stifling social norms and stigma attached to crying. It means that you don’t feel afraid or ashamed to show others what you carry in your soul. It means you’re not afraid to show others that you’re just a human.

5. Crying enables you to have stronger relationships.

Vulnerability is what connects you with other people on a deeper emotional and mental level, and crying is the best form that vulnerability can take.

So, by offering someone a real and meaningful picture of your heart and allowing them to see your vulnerable side, not only do you forge a genuine, deep, and strong bond with them, but you also encourage them to share their vulnerability with you.

6. Crying shows that you have the courage to let your emotions be exposed in front of others.

It takes a mentally tough and courageous person to invite other people into their heart and soul at the risk of being misunderstood, judged, or laughed at. Most people aren’t willing to take this risk.  However, the criers take it.

So, please do tell me how can crying be a sign of weakness?

Riley Cooper