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It’s Comforting To Know Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Still With You

Powerful Signs Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Still With You

Losing a loved one is probably the most painful experience anyone can go through. When you lose a loved one, you feel like their death has created a void in your heart. You feel lonely. You feel empty. You feel broken.

You miss them and you cry for them. Your pain is so great that there’s nothing you can do to overcome it. There’s no comforting word, no hug, no remedy, no pill strong enough to make it go away.

Yes, I know how this feels. I’ve lost loved ones too. And the only thing which helps me handle the pain is the thought of them watching over me. I know that they’re physically gone, but I also know that their spirits are still present in my life. You may find this absurd, but I know that they’re watching over me.

Here are 6 powerful signs that your deceased loved ones are still with you:

1. Flickering appliances and lights.

As your loved one is pure energy now, they are capable of interfering with light and electricity. They can turn your TV or radio on and off or make the lights flicker or an electronic device beep for no apparent reason.

Interfering with electricity in order to grab your attention is one of the most common ways that a deceased loved one may use to let you know that they’re still present in your life.

2. They place an object in your path.

Meaningful objects, such as pieces of jewelry or pictures, being mysteriously moved from where you placed them and being placed in your path can be a telltale sign that a deceased loved one is still with you.

Other common objects that a deceased loved one might leave for you are keys, coins, rocks, and feathers. So, if you find a rock in the middle of your bed or next to your pillow, or if you find a deceased loved one’s T-shirt or jacket, or any other piece of clothing in an odd place, try not to let this scare you out of your wits. Instead, try to see this as a sign that a deceased loved one is still nearby.

3. You see them in your dreams.

Dreams are usually the first way a deceased loved one will try to connect with you. In some dreams, your lost loved one may try to comfort you and in others, they may try to tell you something important.

Dreams in which a deceased family member, friend, or partner shows up are usually peaceful and very vivid. And undoubtedly, they’re remembered for years.

4. You can smell their scent.

Smelling familiar scents may be one of the easiest and most powerful ways to know that a deceased loved one is around you.

People usually report smelling their deceased loved one’s cologne or perfume. Some even report smelling certain foods which their loved one used to love eating the most as well as smelling cigarette smoke in the cases of a deceased loved one that smoked when they were alive.

5. Animals acting strangely.

The deceased are able to connect with the living through different media, including animals and insects. When a person dies, they’re capable of using their energy to go inside an animal or insect, such as a cat, dog, bird, ladybug, or butterfly, for a short period of time. The animal or the insect will do something that it normally wouldn’t do, like look at you, land on you, scream at you, or peck at your window.

Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to notice such signs. By using these symbols, our deceased loved ones are trying to communicate with us without attempting to frighten us. They are trying to let us know that they’re nearby and that we aren’t alone.

6. Random memories flood back.

More often than not, random memories can flood back from somewhere very deep in your subconscious mind. Things and events you haven’t thought of and reminded yourself of in years will pop into your head.

These random memories can be a sign that your deceased loved one is trying to get your attention and contact you. So, make sure you never ignore such memories.

Riley Cooper