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Your Best Relationship Will Be With A Man That Loves You Genuinely

Your Best Relationship

Your best relationship will be with a guy who teaches you the meaning of true love. A guy whose soul reflects yours. A guy who appreciates you for who you are.

Your best relationship will be with a guy who dispels your doubts, quiet your insecurities, and answers your questions, but also triggers your own storms.

Because there is a close and strong bond between you. You’re connected on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

And while it’s true that everyone expresses love differently, the man you are going to have your best relationship with will love you in a genuine, open, and transparent way. And you will know how much he loves and appreciates you because he will do these 10 things for you:

1. He’ll give you his undivided attention.

When you want to tell him how you spent your day, or complain to him about your jealous friend, or talk to him about your relationship, know that he’ll always be there to attentively listen to what you have to say.

While you’re talking to him, he won’t scroll through his Facebook newsfeed or pretend that he is listening to you while his mind is wandering off who knows where.

This man will give you his full attention because every word you have to share with him and everything that’s going on in your life truly matter to him.

2. He’ll trust you more than anyone.

Having absolute trust in someone can be a difficult thing for some people. But, the man who is truly in love with you will never doubt you. He’ll never doubt your feelings and intentions. Why?

Because he knows you deserve his trust. He knows you’re the one he can share his feelings, thoughts, and secrets knowing that you’ll never use them against him.

3. He’ll go out of his way to make you happy.

When you finally meet a man who is genuinely in love with you, you’ll realize that love knows no limits. Because there isn’t such a thing that he wouldn’t do for you. He’ll miss a match of his favorite football team and come running to you if he knows you need him. He’ll leave his comfort zone if he knows this will somehow contribute to your happiness. 

He’ll make sure you feel like you’re the happiest, most fulfilled, and most loved person in the entire world.

4. He’ll never leave you to deal with your fears and problems on your own.

He’ll always be there to quiet your insecurities, dispel your fears, calm your anxious thoughts, caress your wounds, and help you overcome whatever problem life may throw your way. Because nothing hurts him more than when he sees that you’re feeling upset, afraid, or sad.

5. He’ll take good care of you.

He’ll always be there to hug you gently and comfort you when you feel down in the dumps. He’ll bring you medicine and tuck you in bed when you’re ill. He’ll tell you funny jokes to cheer you up when you are worried. He’ll make sure you feel happy and content whenever you’re around him.

6. He’ll believe in you.

He’ll be aware of your qualities and strength. He’ll be aware of your potential. He’ll believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. He’ll encourage you to pursue your goals and dreams and grow, both personally and professionally, so as to get where you want to be in life.

And if you fail, he’ll be there to help you overcome your failure and try again.

7. He’ll handle problems maturely.

Instead of sweeping your relationship problems under the carpet and avoiding getting into an argument with you, he’ll have an honest and mature conversation with you. He’ll make sure you two solve your conflicts and relationship issues in a civilized, polite, and mature manner.

8. He’ll include you in his future plans.

When he makes long or short-term plans for his future, he’ll include you in every single one of them. Why? Because he’s thrilled with the idea of sharing his life with you. He’s thrilled with the idea of growing old with you.

9. He’ll be immensely proud of you.

He’ll be proud of you and your successes and achievements. He won’t think twice about introducing you to his friends and family because he wants his loved ones to know what an amazing woman he has in his life.

He’ll also enjoy talking and bragging about you to his loved ones because he wants them to know why you occupy such a special place in his heart.

10. He’ll love you dearly.

This man will love you from the bottom of his heart. He’ll love you honestly, deeply, and intensely. He’ll love you selflessly and unconditionally. He’ll love you openly and proudly. He’ll love you in ways no other man ever has loved you.

And when he’s around, you’ll feel safe and protected. You’ll feel pleasant warmth in your heart. You’ll feel blessed for having him in your life.

Riley Cooper