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Being Single In Your 30s Is Not Scary – How You Live Your Life Is Up To You

Being Single In Your 30s Is Not Scary – How You Live Your Life Is Up To You

What is it about people that gives them the right to judge other people’s choices?

More importantly, what the hell is wrong with today’s society that sees single people as lepers? Is getting married and having kids the only way we’re allowed to live life?

I have a friend who is all into career-making and working hard on her goals. She is 31. And unlike most people her age, she is not in a relationship, nor she is married. And that is totally fine with her. She is simply not in the same place as the rest of the people. She has other goals. She is determined to make something of herself before she decides to settle down and eventually starts creating a family. She is hardworking, confident, bold and she is unstoppable.

But even though she is doing more than fine by herself, people never ask her how much she’s accomplished all of these years. They never ask her how her work trip to Paris was, or when is her next project coming up. They don’t want to hear about her dreams, goals, and visions about life.

All they’re really interested in is why she is still single. They look at her with pity and they wonder what the hell is wrong with her. There is no acceptance or understanding in their eyes. Only judgment.

Why? Why the hate, people? Why the judgment?

Even though this has never affected her or discouraged her from following her own path in life, it is something that starts to bother me. And I am certain that no matter how much she denies it, deep down, it bothers her as well. After all, she has emotions. The fact that she doesn’t always express them doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel them.

So, again my question is… Why? What is wrong with this society that constantly tries to fix single people?

We need to let these people just be! We need to let them live their life the way they want to. And for God’s sake… We just need to stop asking those uncomfortable questions. Just because someone else got married at 24 and raised three children by 30, that doesn’t mean that we should all do the same.

If you are someone who is going through the same, know this!

Being single in your 30s is not something scary and it is definitely not something that you should be ashamed of.  How you choose to live your life is entirely up to you. No one out there, and I repeat no one but yourself has the right to tell you what’s good and what’s bad for you. Your life and your choices are your own business. After all, there are no rules in life. We all create our own.

Travel the world. Focus on your career. Write. Read. Draw. Party. Do anything that gets your pulse going. Find your place in this world. Discover who you truly are. Smile. Do what makes you genuinely happy. Be in control of your life. Live your life for yourself.

The road you choose is entirely up to you!

Stephanie Reeds