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Being Raised By A Strong Mother Means Growing up To Be A Strong Girl


When you were born into a family who gave you absolute freedom to do what you will, but still successfully managed to pass on the most important values in life, you grow up to be a strong individual with a well-functioning moral compass.

When you were raised by a fierce warrior for a mother, you learn how to cultivate your own independence. You learn how fundamental your human rights are. You slowly learn that no matter how much people you have in your life, in the end, you have to survive on your own. You realize that standing up for yourself is the only way to preserve your integrity.

When you have a strong mother for an example, you realize that life is what you make it. You realize that self-growth is the most important thing you can do for yourself, and in order to flourish, you need to be strong enough to take care of yourself.

When you were lucky to be the daughter of a strong, powerful lady who was courageous enough to diverge from the straight path and take on a journey unknown to her, you grow up to be the same strong woman. You learn that the safe way is not always the best one for you. You learn that challenges are what really makes you stronger. So, you become stronger.

When you have a strong mother who always stood up for herself, you learn what self-respect is. You don’t let anyone control your life because you’re the only creator of your destiny. You don’t settle for average. You don’t deal with toxicity. You don’t tolerate bullshit and you don’t accept relationships with people who took you for granted.

When you were raised by a fearless lioness, you never give up on yourself. No matter if the sky is falling down, or it feels too hard to keep moving on, you don’t stop. You fail, you scream, and you shout, but you get up and do it again. You motivate yourself to do it even if you have a zero-inspiration left. You keep trying until you get it right.

When you have a strong mother to look up to, you never for a second forget your worth. You don’t allow to be taken advantage of because you know you deserve better. You keep your standards high, your opinions heard and your dignity intact, because you aim much higher. Mediocre life doesn’t excite you.

When you have a strong mother, you never feel lonely. Because you yourself are a whole. You don’t need to be completed by another person in order to feel happy. Your happiness is your own, individual creation.

When you were raised by a strong mother, you know what true love means. And you don’t settle until you feel it. Because you were born into a healthy family who was the perfect example of what love is. You were lucky enough to have parents who cherish, protect and respect each other. Parents who taught you to never stop searching for the real thing. Because they showed it really exists.

When you have a strong mother, you have a soulmate for life. You have a guiding light who will always show you the path. You have a guardian angel who will always make sure you’re safe. You have a person to whom you can reveal all your deepest fears. You have a friend who knows you more than you know yourself.

Being raised by an independent lady means having an inspiration to fight. It means having the perfect role model. It means having your own superhero for a friend.

Being raised by a strong mother means growing up into a strong woman yourself.

Image source: Norbert Hayo

Stephanie Reeds