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Because Of You, She Lost Her Faith And Gave Up On Love Forever

Because Of You, She Lost Her Faith And Gave Up On Love Forever

She was the best thing that ever happened to you.

But you didn’t realize it until it was too late…

She gave you everything that she had, and you destroyed her.

She loved you from the very bottom of her heart and you broke her.

She committed herself to you, but you abandoned her.

She sacrificed herself for you, and you left her.

She showed you what true love is, but you didn’t give a single damn about her feelings, didn’t you?

Instead of holding her hand, loving her with all of your heart and making life a safe haven for both of you, you chose to push her aside and focus on pleasing your selfish and immature needs. You tore her soul to pieces. You took her heart and you ripped it open.

How could you do that to her? After everything that she gave you?

How could you be that heartless and do something so horrible to a girl whose only mistake was falling madly in love with you?

She deserved only the best. She deserved to be treated with kindness and respect. She deserved to be loved truly. She deserved to be held in the hands of a man who knows exactly what her heart needs. She deserved to know what real love feels like. She deserved to be happy.

But you were too busy doing something else, weren’t you?

You never cared about her. You never gave a damn about what she really wanted. All you wanted to do was take advantage of her pure and naive heart.

You treated her like a puppet, and you turned her into the person she is today.

And because of you, she got lost…

Because of you, she stopped wearing her heart on her sleeve. She stopped giving second chances. She decided that she couldn’t let her heart suffer anymore, so she built a wall as high as the sky. She surrounded herself with boundaries, hoping that they will be strong enough to withstand any force that tried to break them. Because of you, she finally understood that she is the only person in her life she can actually rely on. And she is thankful for that. For the first time in her life, she realized how naive she was to give herself away to someone like you and expect anything in return.

Because of you, she lost her faith in love. She turned into someone who no longer trusts people. She stopped believing that there is a ‘happily ever after’ for everyone out there. She stopped hoping that she’d eventually find someone who would give her the love she so desperately needs.

Because of you, she learned to hide the pain inside her heart and laugh out loud when she feels like screaming. She learned how to bottle up every insufferably intense feeling that was tearing her apart. She started saying ‘I’m fine’ when she wasn’t. She learned how to pull herself together when her heart was breaking into a million pieces.

You turned her into a person who no longer care whether they live or die. You turned her heart into stone. You took away her happiness. You robbed her of her dreams. You destroyed her hopes. You crushed her soul. And now… She’s cold as ice.

There’s no spark in her eyes. There’s no warmth in her embrace. 

Because of you… She became someone she once despised.

Stephanie Reeds