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Be With Someone Who Always Puts You First And Chooses You Every Single Day


Be with someone who will choose you every single day. Someone whose day will start and end with the thought of you. Someone who can’t wait to be with you and hold you in their arms.

Be with someone who gets excited just by the thought of you and your future together.

Be with someone who wants to know everything about you and wants to know how your day went. Someone who never gets bored with talking to you and learning the song of your heart and the map of your body.

Be with someone that chooses you every single day.

Be with someone who will never give up on you. Someone who will never leave you second-guessing and unsure about their love for you. Be with someone who makes you feel safe, loved, and appreciated for everything that you are.

Be with someone who is always there for you. Someone who holds your hand both in good times and in bad times.

Be with someone who shows how much they love you every day. Someone who will lift you up and inspire you to be better every day. Someone who knows your worth and reminds you of it when you feel like everything is falling apart. Someone who is your strength during hard times.

Be with someone who never stops choosing you every single day.

Because, being with someone who chooses you, means you are with someone who is committed to loving you and taking care of you. It means they make sure you know you are their priority.

When someone chooses you, they are telling you that they are there, you are safe and you are loved, and they are not going anywhere because you are everything they want and need.

To be chosen by someone is a wonderful thing. It is a commitment we all long to have. It is having both a lover and a best friend. It is a beautiful promise between two souls that they will love and be with each other through anything.

Because you deserve to be with someone who will never stop choosing you. You deserve someone who respects and values you. You deserve love and you deserve to feel secure. You deserve true commitment. You deserve to be with someone with whom you will build a future together.

Mary Wright